Seema & Chris' Pure Kismet Wedding

Seema & Chris' Pure Kismet Wedding

The wedding we have for you today is a story of destiny.  Seem and Chris grew up inches apart and never knowing each other until fate brought them together.  Pull up the popcorn, [...]

Nadia & Ted's Joyful Catholic Wedding

Nadia & Ted's Joyful Catholic Wedding

You guys read all about Nadia and Ted's sweet holud ceremony yesterday, today we have their beautiful wedding! Thanks again to Altar Image Photography for sharing these [...]

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Events by C

Events by C is a full service wedding and event planning boutique owned by Chandani C. From the overall concept down to the minutest details, Chandani’s creativity, meticulous organization, and keen attention to detail bring your unique vision to life. We works tirelessly with every client to help create the most memorable [...]

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Flower Glossary: Bleeding Heart

Name: Bleeding Heart, also known as 'Asian Bleeding Heart,' 'Dutchman's Breeches,' 'Lyre Flower,' and 'Lady-in-bath' Latin name: Lamprocapnos spectabilis Season: Early Spring Meaning: Candid, Affection, Tragic Romance Origins: Siberia, Northern China, Korea, and Japan The bleeding heart is a [...]

Introduction to Our Flower Glossary

We have done guides on so many types of weddings (Maharashtrian, CKP, Mughal,  Hindu, Sikh, Nepali), jewelry, bread, daal, and desserts.  Now we're covering flowers! Photo via Nadia & Ted's Holud Ceremony Flowers are vital to any South Asian wedding - with flower offerings being given during Hindu weddings to [...]

Flower Glossary: Cherry Blossoms

Name: Cherry Blossom, also known as 'Sakura' in Japan Latin name: Prunus serrulata Season: Spring Meaning: In Japan it often represents the ephemera of life and mortality Origins: Possibly originating in the Himalayas, the cherry blossom in the temperate parts of the northern hemisphere in [...]

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Samsung Powerbot VR 9000 Robot Vacuum {Review}

If you couldn't already tell by now, I have a vacuum addition. Of all the house chores to do, vacuuming is my favorite. Thanks to the Best Buy Ambassadorship, we've had the chance to review some top of the line vacuums, including the iRobot Roomba 870 and Dyson V6 upright. And today we have the Samsung Powerbot Robot Vacuum. Yes, [...]

Jeeva & Supanki's Charitable Wedding

Jeeva and Supankia got married on June 12, 2015, but their wedding was anything but the average summer celebration. The two believe strongly in gender equality and giving back to those in need, so they turned their wedding into a charity challenge. The charity project is organized by the International Medical Health [...]

Navjot & Manny's Joyous Sikh Wedding {Ontario, Canada}

We're learning a lot about Sikh weddings this month, especially from this lovely couple - Navjot and Manny. Back in September, they had a bright and beautiful Sikh wedding in North York, Ontario which followed many traditional customs, including a Sikh society venue and a fancy baraat. Navjot shared her in-depth [...]

The Essential Guide to Sikh Weddings: Food and Desserts

As with any lavish celebration, Sikhs enjoy the finest food and desserts during weddings. Sikhs are not uniformly vegetarian, so the menus often contain meat dishes. Sikh diet only insists that the foods are all natural and as healthy as possible - so as to avoid processed foods and chemicals. As a result, the food served at a Sikh [...]

The Essential Guide to Sikh Weddings: Groom's Attire

While the Sikh bride receives the honor of serving as a symbol of mankind's journey to connect with God through her married life, the groom also dresses elegantly to match the carefully prepared wedding arrangements. Suit From A Modern Sikh Wedding A Sikh groom either wears a churidar with kameez (loose) trousers [...]

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