BFIW Exclusive: Celebrate Eid in Style with Hafsa Taher

BFIW Exclusive: Celebrate Eid in Style with Hafsa Taher

As the holy month of Ramadan draws to a close, Muslims around the world are preparing to celebrate with the feast of "fast breaking" known as Eid. As an adult, I have now come to [...]

A Savory Staple: Eggplant Fritters (Beguni)

A Savory Staple: Eggplant Fritters (Beguni)

While we should break fasts with something healthy, it is difficult to resist the fried perfection that is “beguni." Beguni, or eggplant fritters, are a common dish for iftaar in [...]

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Ananya Cards

Ananya (Sanskrit for 'without equal') reinvents traditional Eastern designs and patterns – creating a selection of personalised stationery and cards with a sophisticated, contemporary look for an international audience. Bespoke creations for weddings allow a couple to express their individuality and theme their day [...]

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Moving in with the SO 101: 7 Tips for an Easy Transition

As many of you know, I married the man of my dreams just last year with the traditional week-long Indian festivities. Well, I’m happy to report that after some long distance a la graduate school, I finally got to move in with my permanent roomie in early July. Yay! And because I love our BFIW family so much, I wanted to share my experiences [...]

Date Shake {Summer Sips Series}

This week, I’d like for us to tip our hats to a tasty shake in honor of the holy month of Ramadan. This year marks my very first solo attempt as a newlywed to prepare the elaborate food spread to break fast. Aside from some failed food experiments, I have managed to perfect a drink that ties a traditional iftar element, the date, with the [...]

{Summer Sips Series} Jaipur Mocktail

A fun, pink summery drink inspired by the colors of Jaipur.

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Rimple & Harpreet Narula's Eternal Wanderlust Collection {India Couture Week 2014}

Inspired by the Nomads and Wanderers of the Khyber Pukhtoon, Persia, Syria, Morrocco and India, Rimple & Harpreet Narula's Eternal Wanderlust Collection was about understated beauty. Nudes, beiges, browns accented with golds and silvers, were a soft and delicate collection of couture wear. Showstopper Huma Qureshi [...]

Sulakshana's Hot Pink Inspired Collection {India Couture Week 2014}

Sulakshana Monga's couture sari and anarkali collection in hot pinks and silvers provided a refreshing look at Indian couture design. And her collection was art imitating art. Because most of the long sleeve saris reminded me of Disney movie's Maleficent. I think this model captured the witch [...]

Monisha Jaising's World Bride Collection {India Couture Week 2014)

On the July 17th Monisha Jaising previewed her sumptuous global-inspired and completely decadent 'World Bride' collection along with Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers.  Each piece took inspiration from textiles and traditions from around the world and came together to make up an eye-catching bridal collection. (I'm dying over this [...]

Gold, Gold, Gold - Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers Collection {India Couture Week 2014}

Flagship sponsor of the India Couture Week, Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers, ended the haute couture Indian fashion show with a bang. Bipasha Basu was the showstopper in a classic dark red lengha and kundan jewelry. The jewelry collection comprised of classic diamond pieces with large emeralds, rubies, and sapphires and [...]

Mika & Neil's Colorful Bengali Gujarati Wedding {Tucson & LA}

Today's wedding takes us across the globe. From Iceland to Brazil and Philadelphia to San Francisco, Mika and Neil are a globetrotting couple. Their wedding took place in Tucson, Arizona at the Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch and the reception in Los Angeles, California at the Biltmore Hotel. Red Book members IQPhoto Studio and [...]