10 Autumn-Inspired Indian Wedding Dresses

10 Autumn-Inspired Indian Wedding Dresses

A collection of fall-inspired dresses to make the most of the upcoming season.

The Best (and Worst) Wedding Gifts You Could Give to a Desi Couple

The Best (and Worst) Wedding Gifts You Could Give to a Desi Couple

It can be a struggle trying to figure out what the perfect gift is for your average newlywed couple, and Desi couples aren't much different.   You have to strike a balance between [...]

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Working Brides Wedding Planner

At Working Brides, we absolutely love South Asian weddings because of the detail and tradition that goes into each one: the gorgeous clothing, the dancing, the food, the colors. Working Brides is wedding planning bespoke service since 2006. Founded by Trisha Cranor, Working Brides works to take the burden off your shoulder [...]

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Mother-to-Daughter Mistranslations (Newlywed Cooking 101)

For those of us who have moved out, it is a struggle to recreate the culinary perfection that is a mother’s cooking. This being said, a portion of the blame belongs to the old-school moms who do everything by estimation or “andaaz.” “You’re making daal? Just add a pinch of cumin and a dash of red chili powder.” Yep, we’ve all been there. [...]

Moving in with the SO 101: 7 Tips for an Easy Transition

As many of you know, I married the man of my dreams just last year with the traditional week-long Indian festivities. Well, I’m happy to report that after some long distance a la graduate school, I finally got to move in with my permanent roomie in early July. Yay! And because I love our BFIW family so much, I wanted to share my experiences [...]

Date Shake {Summer Sips Series}

This week, I’d like for us to tip our hats to a tasty shake in honor of the holy month of Ramadan. This year marks my very first solo attempt as a newlywed to prepare the elaborate food spread to break fast. Aside from some failed food experiments, I have managed to perfect a drink that ties a traditional iftar element, the date, with the [...]

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Bride it Like Beckham: Modern vs. Traditional Bride Expectations {Social Justice Sunday}

This SJS has been brought to you by every single Bend it Like Beckham gif and picture I could find.  If anything points to the divide between traditional and modern expectations for brides, it's this movie. It wasn't too long ago when the good Desi bride was expected to remain in the kitchen, serving her children and her husband [...]

7 Common Makeup Mistakes (And How to Fix Them!) {Makeup Mantra}

Common makeup mistakes we're all wary of - and how to avoid them!

You Know You're a Desi Bride When...

There are some things that only South Asian brides do. To your friend who isn't desi, they will probably think you are crazy. Or maybe your friend is just as crazy too. Despite all the planning, to negotiating detentes between family members, and getting beautified for your wedding day, you know you are a desi bride [...]

The Mangalsutra: A Symbol of Marriage

A brief history of the mangalsutra and how the necklace came to symbolize the status of a newly married Indian woman.

The Best Ever Vegetarian Lasagne {Friday Foods}

I love lasagne. Full of mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan and stuff with veggies and sauce, this is a hearty dish. But when I get lasagne at the restaurants, they are usually oily, overly creamy, and in many instances only available with a bolognese ragu (ie. meat sauce). When I was a teenager, my mom would make her own version of [...]