Introducing Gurpreet - Indo-Candian Bride {Desi Brides 2016}

Introducing Gurpreet - Indo-Candian Bride {Desi Brides 2016}

Lovelies! We're welcoming our next bride part of #DesiBrides2016 to The Big Fat Indian Wedding! Gurpreet is getting married next summer in her hometown of Brampton, [...]

Introducing Gagan - Indian Aussie Bride {Desi Brides 2016}

Introducing Gagan - Indian Aussie Bride {Desi Brides 2016}

Lovelies, I'd like to welcome to you our Indian Aussie Bride, Gagan! Over the next year, we will be bringing you desi brides from around the world as they plan their wedding. [...]

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Borrow it Bindaas

Borrow It Bindaas is dedicated to making that dream closet a reality! Borrow It Bindaas is a fabulous online rental boutique, stocked full of all the latest South Asian sarees, salwars, lenghas & accessories. Our entire inventory is available for borrowing or buying. Borrow it Bindaas hand picks authentic designer clothing to [...]

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Flower Glossary: Daffodils

Name: Daffodils, also known as Narcissus, Daffadowndilly, Lent Lily, and Jonquil Latin name: from the Amaryllidaceae (amaryllis) family Season: Spring Meaning: Faith, Honesty, Forgiveness, Rebirth Origins: The Iberian peninsula and adjacent areas of southwest Europe In Greek Mythology, [...]

Flower Glossary: Dahlias

Name: Dahlia Latin Name: Dahlia pinnata Season: End of spring through summer, with June, July, and August being peak months Meaning: Enduring Grace, Strength,  Creativity Origins: Mexico, brought to Europe during the Spanish Conquest in the 16th century Since 1963, the dahlia has been the [...]

Flower Glossary: Violets

Name: Violets Latin Name: Viola of plant family violaceae Season: Mid summer until the first frost Meaning: Modesty and faith Origins: Northern Hemisphere The heart-shaped leaves and bright colors of the violet flower make it a popular choice for weddings. While there are 400-500 different [...]

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A Wedding Gift Like No Other: Give Yourself a Man Cave

When you get married, your new domain is going to be shared. All those mismatched glasses and bowls, random towels, and boxes of cables are marrying your spouse's home. Oh my. Your ENTIRE HOME is going to grow exponentially in STUFF. Good stuff, bad stuff, weird stuff. Lots of stuff. And in all this stuff, and all those [...]

Dreaming in Mehndi: Belly Henna Inspiration

Have I got a treat for you! Lots of mehndi, belly henna, and cats! Darcy of Henna Lounge has the most adorable cats, and yes they made an appearance with preggo woman me. Darcy did a mandala belly henna with metallic tattoos she designed with Nud Ink. She's one of those henna artists that really makes you feel like a princess. Got my [...]

Tanvi & Harsh's Gujarati Bollywood Wedding

Tanvi and Harsh had a five-day blowout of a wedding! From a Star Night complete with celebrity cameos to a Dandiya Night a Sangeet and the Wedding itself, all the celebrations leading up to Tanvi and Harsh's ceremony were completely over-the-top gorgeous. You have to see this for yourself. All the events were like a living dream - [...]

Andrea & Nikhil's Whimsical Fusion Wedding

Today's wedding is a beautiful fusion ceremony trimmed with Indian customs and a lot of love. Andrea and Nikhil add their own personality to the event with funny costumes and an all-out baraat. Instead of the traditional white horse, Nikhil brought a toy horse for his baraat. It completely delighted the children and [...]

7 Indian Wedding Jewelry Trends for 2016

I love Indian International Jewelry Week. LOVE. Too many pretty jewels, too little time. And I am especially excited to see how brides can show these 2016 trends. Traditional, funky, over the top, there is serious innovation in Indian jewelry styles this year. Here are our seven trends for 2016. Crown style maang [...]

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