Coral & White Wine Country Indian Wedding {The Meritage Resort, CA}

Coral & White Wine Country Indian Wedding {The Meritage Resort, CA}

Happy day lovelies! We always love a wine country wedding, especially when that wedding is just in our backyard. The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa Valley is one of those picture [...]

31 Sari Blouse Styles To Fall in Love With

31 Sari Blouse Styles To Fall in Love With

Saris are quintessentially South Asian.  Every state, region, and community has different ways of tying it, different preferred styles and patterns, different lengths and on [...]

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The Regency Center San Francisco

In the heart of San Francisco, California, lies one of the most beautiful venues. The Regency Center was built in 1909 and is considered the finest example of Scottish Rite temple architecture in the country, featuring Gothic, neoclassic, and Beaux-Arts styles. The building has housed a Masonic Temple, a dance studio, the Polish [...]

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Essential Questions for Every Bride-to-Be: Wedding Planner Edition

Now that you’ve gotten that ring on your finger and the bridal magazines aren’t offering you the advice you need in terms of planning, we suggest you hire a wedding planner. That daunting to-do list will disappear within seconds of selecting someone else to do your dirty work. After all, your job is to say “I do” and look pretty. You [...]

The Essential Guide to CKP Weddings: Groom's Attire

Like most Maharashtrian grooms,  a CKP groom will not be dressed flashily or with heavily embroidered outfits. His outfits, while varied throughout ceremonies, will be simple, clean, and accented with accessories and colors as suits the rituals. View the rest of the CKP Wedding [...]

The Essential Guide to CKP Weddings: Wedding Rituals

A CKP wedding ceremony starts early in the morning and runs until late afternoon. In a very traditional manner, the bride's family hosts the groom's family at a venue - which is usually the reception hall of a temple. View the rest of the CKP Wedding Guide: Introduction Pre-Wedding/Engagement Rituals Wedding [...]

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25 Bespoke Wedding Pinterest Accounts to Follow

When it comes to following wedding blogs on Pinterest, or even in general, we all know the 'big guns' in the wedding world: Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Burnett's Boards, The Perfect Palette. They are all daily doses of utter, sweet goodness. For our Pinterest wedding blogger roundup, I'm introducing you to the bespoke [...]

Wedding ProTips: Create an Awesome Wedding Submission

Howdy wedding photographers and wedding vendor professionals! Today I'm going to share a little behind the scenes on how you can submit a wedding submission that gets approved AND featured right away on The Big Fat Indian Wedding. Now, these secrets of ours aren't really secrets; many wedding bloggers will feel the same way. [...]

Wedding Stationery {2015 Wedding Trends}

When we covered the 2015 wedding trends (jewelry, decoration, mandaps, henna, cakes), we neglected one major aspect of the wedding planning: the invitations! So we asked Vaishali Shah of Ananya Cards, a luxury wedding stationery company in London, United Kingdom, and a Red Book vendor, to give us the scoop on what's in for [...]

Pink & Purple Pop Fusion Sikh Wedding {California}

For their wedding, Amee and Amit wanted to incorporate not only their culture but create an event that would bring their family and friends together in a joyous celebration. They were married at the Valley Sikh Temple in California, followed by ther reception at the Malibou Lake Mountain Club. With pops of red, pink and [...]

Manish Malhotra's Spring Collection At Mijwan Fashion Show

Urdu poet and social justice activist, Kaifi Azmi, created the Mijwan Welfare Society in rural Utter Pradesh, India. His belief in gender equality and social justice was powerfully reflected in his in work and desire to ensure girls had the same opportunities as boys. He began his tireless struggle towards economic [...]

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