12 Sweet Bridal Poses to Steal {Styled Shoot}

12 Sweet Bridal Poses to Steal {Styled Shoot}

This sweet Indian inspired bridal shoot comprises a few of the best shots to have as a bride. Photographer Kyle Goldie of Luma Weddings took on the style of simple, yet elegant [...]

Honing In on the Personality of Your Dream Wedding

Honing In on the Personality of Your Dream Wedding

Well done on getting engaged! You're now probably raring to get started on the planning. When you first sit down to brainstorm your wedding with a notebook in hand and a [...]

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Ananya Cards

Ananya (Sanskrit for 'without equal') reinvents traditional Eastern designs and patterns – creating a selection of personalised stationery and cards with a sophisticated, contemporary look for an international audience. Bespoke creations for weddings allow a couple to express their individuality and theme their day [...]

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The Ultimate South Asian Style Guide: Mekhala Chador

The Mekhala Chador, or Mekhela Chador, is a traditional dress for women from Assam.  It resembles a less pleated Indian sari in many ways.  The mekhela is a long bolt of fabric which is tied around the waist like a sarong or tucked into a petticoat. The chador is another length of matching fabric which is draped over the shoulder and [...]

The Ultimate South Asian Style Guide: Men's Headpieces

South Asian menswear doesn't often leave much room for accessorizing.  Besides a scarf here or maybe a gold chain there, South Asian men don't really get to experiment much with outfit-making bits and bobs.  As a result, probably, there are quite a few hats close to the South Asian man's heart.  These are the topi, the pagri, and the [...]

The Ultimate South Asian Style Guide: Lehengas & Half-Sarees

The Lehenga, or Lehnga or Ghagra or Pavadai or Langa, is one of the most common and most traditional Indian outfits.  With its large, pleated skirt, fitted blouse, or choli, and heavy dupatta the lehenga's silhouette is simple and flattering. Welcome to the next edition in the Ultimate South Asian Style Guide. After you've [...]

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The Ultimate South Asian Style Guide: Kandyan Saree

By now, you've probably read all about the traditional South Asian saree (as well as the mekhela chador, Indian men’s pants, shararas and ghararas,Indian men’s hats, lenghas and half-saris, Indian men’s jackets, sherwanis, women’s salwar kameez, nauvari (nine yard) saris.). Since draping styles and fabric make up vary by [...]

The Ultimate South Asian Style Guide: Men's Sherwanis

The traditional men's sherwani is a buttoned, doublet-style jacket originally associated with South Asian aristocracy. Today, the garment is one of the most versatile in menswear, as it can be worn over a kurta or a salwar. History The word "Sherwani" is derived from the Shirvan region near the eastern Caucacus, in [...]

The Ultimate South Asian Style Guide: Men's Jackets

South Asian men have substantially less choice when it comes to dressing up for a wedding or wearing a nice outfit to an event. However, the choices that they do have - such as the ever-elegant sherwani - are effortlessly fashionable. Men's jackets includes a broad range of clothing - from the famous Nehru jacket to the popular and [...]

The Ultimate South Asian Style Guide: Sarees

The graceful, versatile South Asian saree is the base of traditional fashion in the region and is often worn by both wedding guests and the bride at the religious ceremony. The garment ranges from five to nine yards and is between two to four feet wide; the fabric is wrapped around the waist, over a petticoat, and draped over the [...]

The Ultimate South Asian Style Guide: Shararas & Ghararas

The sharara and its baby sister the gharara are typically Pakistani wedding and event outfits.  Their long flowing pants are sometimes mistaken for a lengha skirt, but the sharara and the gharara are distinctive looks.  It is often worn with at least one dupatta but may include another to be draped along the shoulders or to be worn as a [...]

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