Dreamy Wedding Outfit Inspiration from {Lakme Fashion Week 2015} and {Amazon India Fashion Week 2015}

Dreamy Wedding Outfit Inspiration from {Lakme Fashion Week 2015} and {Amazon India Fashion Week 2015}

India's fashion weeks, especially Lakme and Amazon India, are always an excellent source of up and coming trends and wedding inspiration. The outfits are extravagant, unique, [...]

10 Trends from {Lakme Fashion Week 2015} and {Amazon India Fashion Week 2015}

10 Trends from {Lakme Fashion Week 2015} and {Amazon India Fashion Week 2015}

This year's Indian Fashion Week season was focused on spring and summer wear, ranging from light pastels to bold hues. Textured fabrics and varied hem lengths added a unique [...]

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Escape Studios Cinematography

Internationally acclaimed filmmakers Jay and Wahab Chaudhry of Escape Studios are considered to be one of the most sought after South Asian wedding cinematographers across the globe. Renowned for their ground breaking theatrical approach to wedding cinema, the dynamic brothers have produced some of online’s most viewed [...]

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The Essential Guide to CKP Weddings: Groom's Attire

Like most Maharashtrian grooms,  a CKP groom will not be dressed flashily or with heavily embroidered outfits. His outfits, while varied throughout ceremonies, will be simple, clean, and accented with accessories and colors as suits the rituals. View the rest of the CKP Wedding [...]

The Essential Guide to CKP Weddings: Wedding Rituals

A CKP wedding ceremony starts early in the morning and runs until late afternoon. In a very traditional manner, the bride's family hosts the groom's family at a venue - which is usually the reception hall of a temple. View the rest of the CKP Wedding Guide: Introduction Pre-Wedding/Engagement Rituals Wedding [...]

Maharashtrian Jewelry Guide

Maharashtrian weddings feature a unique collection of jewelry that comes with a lot of history (along with gold and sparkle!). Isha Koppikar; Photo via FashionWorld Hamood Traditionally, the jewelry worn by a Maharashtrian bride is handed down from generations - from her grandmother to her mother and down to her. It [...]

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Ugh, No: Part 2 {Lakme Fashion Week 2015}

Welcome back for the second part of 'Ugh, No,' a series we started last year to look closely at the not so fashionable works from Lakme Fashion Week 2015. This year's Lakme was about intrepid use of prints, shiny silks, and tastefully traditional pieces. 90% of the show was practically ethereal and the remaining 10% was pure [...]

Nikasha's Ruby Blossom Collection {Amazon India Fashion Week 2015}

This has been a packed week of fashion shows. We're now heading up to Delhi for the Amazon India Fashion Week (formally known as Wills). Kicking off Day 1, today, were several veteran and up and coming designers. Nikasha, known for a monochromatic outfits with fine details, brought us the bohemian chic in its glory. From [...]

Rohit Bal's ‘Garden of Flowers’ Collection {India Fashion Week 2014}

Rohit Bal’s ‘GULBAGH’, inspired by the rich and lush Mughal Gardens of Kashmir, is a tribute to the unparalleled beauty of the valley. ‘GULBAGH’, meaning ‘Garden of Flowers’, takes us into a land riddled with fantasy and a lingering fragrance of floral dreams. In this, the true Kingdom of Jannat, flowers have always been held [...]

Krishna Mehta's Boho Chic Collection {Lakme Fashion Week 2015}

This year's Lakme Fashion Week is all about retro. The 1960s and 1970s and in, and perhaps finally the 1980s are out. One of my favorite collections to strut the runway wasn't from a superstar designer, but from free spirited Krishna Mehta. Vibrant and fun-filled, the outfits came in rugged linen and twill cotton mixed with [...]

The Essential Guide to CKP Weddings: Bridal Attire

CKP bridal attire is very similar to Maharashtrian bridal attire in general, aside from some specificities for certain ceremonies. View the rest of the CKP Wedding Guide here: Introduction Pre-Wedding/Engagement Rituals Wedding Rituals Post Wedding Traditions Food and Dessert Bridal [...]

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