Joanna & Jay's Glamorous Interfaith Double Wedding {Alberta, Canada}

Joanna & Jay's Glamorous Interfaith Double Wedding {Alberta, Canada}

Joanna and Jay had a beautiful Hindu and Christian double wedding, complete with gorgeous outfits and tons of music! It looks like it was a day filled with laughter and love. We got [...]

Meghana & Luis' Glam Champagne Wedding

Meghana & Luis' Glam Champagne Wedding

Readers, do you ever come across wedding pictures that just leave you completely breathless?  Maybe it's because the bride's dress looks like solid gold, or maybe because the [...]

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Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

Exclusively designed by the Gettys, an award winning, creative and innovative team of hospitality experts, Hard Rock Hotel Cancun immediately transports guests into the edgy, rockstar vibe featuring a signature “Welcome to the Jungle” theme. The larger than life guitar-shaped driveway provides the ultimate VIP [...]

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Flower Glossary: Daffodils

Name: Daffodils, also known as Narcissus, Daffadowndilly, Lent Lily, and Jonquil Latin name: from the Amaryllidaceae (amaryllis) family Season: Spring Meaning: Faith, Honesty, Forgiveness, Rebirth Origins: The Iberian peninsula and adjacent areas of southwest Europe In Greek Mythology, [...]

Flower Glossary: Dahlias

Name: Dahlia Latin Name: Dahlia pinnata Season: End of spring through summer, with June, July, and August being peak months Meaning: Enduring Grace, Strength,  Creativity Origins: Mexico, brought to Europe during the Spanish Conquest in the 16th century Since 1963, the dahlia has been the [...]

Flower Glossary: Violets

Name: Violets Latin Name: Viola of plant family violaceae Season: Mid summer until the first frost Meaning: Modesty and faith Origins: Northern Hemisphere The heart-shaped leaves and bright colors of the violet flower make it a popular choice for weddings. While there are 400-500 different [...]

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Faryal & Nick's Traditional Winter Wedding {Lahore, Pakistan}

Faryal and Nick's wedding is so glamorous!  With the traditional red, Faryal's completely on-point makeup, and Nick's dashing sherwani, this whole event looks like a romantic fantasy. But like seriously, check out Faryal's dress and tell me if I'm lying. We talked to Faryal about her beautiful day: Tell us about [...]

Tina & Richard's Radiant Hindu Wedding

Is there anything more summer than an all red and orange wedding?  I mean, maybe the sun is more summary but not by a lot. Tina and Richard's beautiful Hindu wedding, held at the Brier Creek Country Club in North Carolina, is positively resplendent with every summer hue you can think of. We talked to the [...]

Chathri & Asif's Gloriously Pink Sri Lankan Wedding

We have been teaching you all everything to know about Sri Lankan weddings and we're not done!  This modern Sri Lankan wedding, which took place in lush California, gives a modern twist to the traditional Sri Lankan wedding.  It comes complete with a killer color palette - pink and white, what's not to love? The setting was [...]

Susi & Michael's Vintage Chic Sri Lankan Wedding

In tandem with our Sri Lankan Wedding Guide, we have this gorgeous vintage style Sri Lankan multicultural wedding to share with you today, courtesy of Nathan Walker Photography. From the jewelry to the invitations to the groom's tie to the adorable cream puffs, Susi and Michael's wedding was all about little, [...]

Flower Glossary: Sunflowers

Name: Sunflower Latin Name: Helianthus Season: End of spring through summer, with June, July, and August being peak months Meaning: Sunlight, happiness Origins: North America The sunflower was originally cultivated by Native American tribes in North America around 3000 BC. The flower had [...]

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