How To Incorporate Seasonality Into An Indian Wedding

How To Incorporate Seasonality Into An Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are incredibly distinctive. The colors, the embellishments, the customs - everything about them is unlike the typical American wedding. But here's one [...]

Sanjyot & Mike's Rustic Intimate Hindu-American Fusion Wedding {New Hampshire}

Sanjyot & Mike's Rustic Intimate Hindu-American Fusion Wedding {New Hampshire}

Sanjyot and Michael's first big decision in their wedding planning was whether to have their wedding in India or America. After visiting India with Sanjyot to see her roots, Mike [...]

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The Meritage Resort and Spa

Make the most important day of your life extraordinary. The Meritage Resort and Spa has the perfect Napa Valley wedding locations and services to make your special day breathtaking, without leaving you breathless. For you and your guests the resort is centrally located in idyllic Wine Country, situated at the southern tip of Napa [...]

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Bridesmaid Gift Etiquette 101

You've chosen your bridesmaids, selected their dresses and ironed out their roles in your wedding - but there's still one thing left for you to do: Figure out a way to thank your girls for being by your side on the biggest day of your life. It's no secret that being a bridesmaid is expensive and sometimes inconvenient. It's a big [...]

Flower Glossary: Daffodils

Name: Daffodils, also known as Narcissus, Daffadowndilly, Lent Lily, and Jonquil Latin name: from the Amaryllidaceae (amaryllis) family Season: Spring Meaning: Faith, Honesty, Forgiveness, Rebirth Origins: The Iberian peninsula and adjacent areas of southwest Europe In Greek Mythology, [...]

Flower Glossary: Dahlias

Name: Dahlia Latin Name: Dahlia pinnata Season: End of spring through summer, with June, July, and August being peak months Meaning: Enduring Grace, Strength,  Creativity Origins: Mexico, brought to Europe during the Spanish Conquest in the 16th century Since 1963, the dahlia has been the [...]

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Planning Ahead Makes For A Stress-Free Experience {Desi Brides 2016}

I've been engaged for five months, which means I'm just one month shy of the halfway point of my engagement. I should be freaking out but honestly? Wedding planning has been more fun than stressful, at least up until this point. That might not be the sentiment one would expect from someone who is having four wedding functions (and [...]

Tips For Presenting Yourself In Engagement Photos

I've made a lot of major decisions for my upcoming wedding so far. From setting a date to choosing a venue, there have been some stressful bumps along the way. But for me, planning for my engagement photos has been one of the most anxiety-inducing parts of the process. I finally got mine taken, but not before stressing about [...]

How To Choose An Outfit For Your Fusion Wedding

We've already discussed how planning a fusion wedding is tough (but totally possible!) We touched on wardrobe choice a bit and now we want to really get into it: What on Earth is a desi bride to wear when she's set to marry a non-desi? The answer, for me, is simple: You wear whatever makes you comfortable. With that being said, I've [...]

How To Include An Disinterested Husband-To-Be In Wedding Planning

What happens when you're engaged to a man who simply doesn't care about the planning process? The truth is, a lot of brides (myself included) can become very detail-oriented when it comes to wedding planning. We're preparing for the biggest day of our lives, so suddenly little things (like the tiny difference between sand [...]

Last Minute Diwali Shopping? Grab a eGift Card from Best Buy

Myself and the whole The Big Fat Indian Wedding team want to wish you all a wonderful Diwali! We hope you celebrated Dhanteras yesterday with lots of gold (because you know that's how we Indians roll). But more importantly we hope you celebrate with family and take of those less fortunate. If you're looking for last minute [...]

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