7 Tips for Planning Your Wedding

2011 Apr 27 - by Preeti
Every bride goes crazy when planning their wedding. Indian brides get to exponentially increase their planning and madness since weddings last several days. More clothes, more decorations, more possibilities for things to go wrong, more two cent opinions by families, just more more more.

How do you not go crazy? Well, there isn't any real way but you can certainly keep your wits together more often than not.

These were my rules when we planned our destination wedding (okay it was where extended family lived but not us or most guests).

  1. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

    Seriously, keep it simple. Don't complicate things where things don't need to be complicated.

  2. Get Started! Make a checklist and tackle them

    Did you get engaged just a few weeks ago? Start brainstorming now. It took me several months before I finally figured out what I wanted to to.

  3. Don't be afraid to delegate

    Get your friends to do the little bits with planning. Maybe someone is great with photoshop and can help you create your invitations. And involve the future husband! Don't berate him either but if he is great at building websites or taking photos, involve him in the planning.

  4. Have FUN and SMILE!

    The wedding day will go by in a flash so be happy! It's a wonderful day with family and friends. Smile, giggle, be fabulous.

  5. Be Switzerland: Keep the peace

    Family members will be more than helpful, or not. They may offer opinions or complain about your planning, decor ideas, whatever it maybe. Ignore anything bad and be friendly. You don't want to be bridezilla, let the others look bad if they want to complain, you stay cool and collected.

  6. Stick to Your Budget

    Your budget is going to over by at least 10%. Expect it. But don't expand your budget because you want to have flowers flown in from South America for an extra $2000. Think about what you really want and where you spend the money.

  7. Run it Project Management Style

    Weddings are large scale projects. Don't run your wedding as it's your "big day" and you get to do anything you want and expect people and vendors to be hand and foot to you. A wedding is hiring several contractors (vendors), paying services (down payments and full), and getting service (the ROI). No need to cry and whine. Running your wedding like a project means you will check the fine print, run it efficiently and find replacements when things fall apart. You make plans for B, C, and D.