8 Ways to Wear Maang Tikkas and Bindis

2011 Mar 29 - by Preeti
One of the 16 essential bridal accessories is the mang tikka or the bindi. The mang is the chain and the tikka is the pendant. Along with the mehndi, nosering, earrings, armband, the mang tikah is another gorgeous piece of jewelry for any woman, especially bride, to wear. The mang tikka is an ornamental piece worn on the forehead and draped in between the eyebrows.

This spot where tikah actually sits, is the sixth chakra, ajna which is the seat of "concealed wisdom." In Hinduism, this chakra is the exit point for kundalini energy and by wearing a bindi a women can retain energy and strengthen concentration. Wearing a bindi also protects against demons and bad luck.

Unfortunately western urban myths believe that only married women wear the red dot. While there is some truth to it, it is not necessarily true today. Nor is it true that wearing a tikka is a sign of subversion to men.

Mang tikkas are beautiful can be in gold, silver, peals, gems, and even special silks. Here are 8 ways to wear the tikka for a wedding.

Gemstone tikah three string worn on side of head. One of the most common ways to see a bridal tikka because it's orate and heavy in decoration. Photo by Avinash Anand.

Dhara praying

Pakistani muslim jhumar worn on one side of the head. Photo by ShaimaPhoto.

mom fixes the dupatta

Shilpa Shetty, famous Indian actress, wearing a double mang tikka

Single strand tikka made of colored stones. From Exclusively.in.

Bengali hand painted bindis called a teep. Photo by Faiz Tajuddin.

bengali bride

Single gold strand mang tikah with small sticker bindis. Photo by Kenzi.

Indian Bride - Brides magazine, May 2006

Another large single tikka with bindis on the side.

large bindis

South Indian bride with long mang tikka chain and two small tikkas. Photo by Kenzi.

South Indian Bride

The traditional red kunkoo (the drop) on a woman. Photo by Divyesh Sejpal.

There is no end to how an Indian bride can decorate her beautiful hair with tikahs for her wedding. Just makes me want to swoon.