15 Unique Wedding Bouquet Styles

2011 May 13 - by Preeti
When it comes to weddings, you just cannot have one with a bridal bouquet of sorts. Whether it be real flowers, or one made of paper, or even broaches and buttons, a wedding bouquet is something truly special for the bride.

Floral bouquets are something special. They can match the wedding dress or the color theme. They can be bold and daring in colors, or soft and delicate like cream. A bridal bouquet forms a special part of the bride's accessories, like her solah shringar, the essential Indian adornments. She will keep her bouquet with her day, and perhaps, even keep it forever, or perhaps entrust it to the next friend to get married.

I love all wedding bouquets. Even if a bouquet is not 'your style', it is still beautiful. I picked out my favorite styles of flower bouquets that are not just unique, but also stunning.

Feather Bouquet - Feathers are the current wedding trend! Add a few cruelty-free peacock, ostrich, or quail feathers to your flower bouquet for something special.

Cascading Bouquet - Long orchids stems layered with roses and feathers will create a dramatic bridal bouquet.

Vegetable Bouquet - Ornamental cabbages, artichokes, and kumquats are gorgeous for bouquets. And if you get hungry before dinner service, you can eat them!

photo by Caroline Tran

Lily of the Valley Bouquet - A delicate, bell flower, the Lily of the Valley, makes several Biblical references. Known as Our Lady's Tears, because they were created from the Virgin Mary's tears, after the cruxification of Christ, these flowers are truly special. And, highly poisonous (don't leave them near pets). If you want to be like Grace Kelly or Princess Kate Middleton, go with these dainty flowers.

photo by Heather Waraksa

All Peony Bouquet - Peonies are my favorite flower. Favorite, favorite, favorite! I just love their whimsical petals and soft fragrance. Why wear perfume when you can have peonies. Peonies come in variety of colors from pastel pinks, whites, and peaches, to bright colors too. Going for an peony bouquet, means you're a fun bride, who loves the lighter things in life.

photo by Callaway Gable

Offbeat Rainbow Bouquet - These roses were individually dyed to reflect several colors. For a bride looking for a statement piece, nothing beats it like a rainbow bouquet.

Rustic Bouquet - Baby's breath, wildflowers, and daisies create a timeless country, rustic look. Outdoor weddings in the park or in a forest, would be well matched with a bouquet of flowers that look freshly picked from the woods.

Calla Lilies Bouquet

Hydrangeas & Roses Bouqet - These flowers are besties. Whatever color combination or species you choose, will be a match made in heaven.

Succulents Bouquet - Who said cacti cannot be sexy? Mix up succulents with hydrangeas or sturdy flowers, and you've got a bouquet that says something!

photo by Eddie Judd

All White Bouquet - Classic, timeless, elegant, an all white bouquet in peonies, roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus, are always beautiful.

photo by Erin Hearts Court

Classic Rose Bouquet - Classic look for the classic bride.

Vibrant Bouquet - If you want to hold true to the colorful wedding look of Indian weddings, then look no further. Bright pinks, purples, yellows, are mixed in with pastel color tones that create a wedding bouquet that 'pops'!

Disheveled & Wild Bouquet - Feeling a little wild? Go for a large bouquet, with over and undersized flowers, plant leaves that flow like ribbons, to create this tousled, chaotic, but fun look.

photo by Lori Paladino Photography

Bejeweled Bouquet - For a little bling, add in broaches and buttons to your real flowers. You get that vintage chic look that will be the envy of the party.

photo by Forever Photography Studio

If you opt to have a floral bouquet at your wedding, think about what you love. Think about the colors you love, the flowers/plants that make you smile, the favorite accessory of yours. When it comes to building your bouquet, your florist will want to know all these details so she/he can make that is just right for you.