Featured Indian Wedding: Dimple Weds Gautam

2011 Mar 13 - by Preeti
Our first featured wedding on the BFIW is nothing less than beautiful and Indian. Following in line with traditional Marwari weddings in India, Dimple and Gautam conducted a five day affair in India followed by celebrations in the US.

The major ceremonies included:

  • Small ceremony on Nov 18th in Ahmedabad.
  • Singles party on Nov 20th in Hotel Kiranshree Portico in Assam. The color theme was purple.
  • Entertainment Evening on Nov 21st in Hotel Rajmahal in Assam in pink color accents.
  • Wedding Event & Reception on Nov 22nd in Hotel Vishwaratna in Assam in red & green colors with bright diamonds.
  • Post Wedding Events on Nov 24th in IORA Hotel in Assam.
  • Reception celebrated in Houston on January 22nd, 2011.

Dimple did worldwide shopping for this wedding. New York, Houston, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kolkatta were just a few places she shopped at. Her jewelry shopping was done from Anjalee Jewellers from Ahmedabad, Aastha Company from Mumbai, Hyderabad and Assam. The majority of her saris and wedding lehenga shopping was done from Ahmedabad. And her entertainment evening saree was purchased from Kolkatta.

Gautam's Indian wardrobe was designed by Kesariya Brand in Kolkatta. He had separate indian dress for each of the small ceremony and our 2 major functions. Vandana from Turtle brand did a splendid job. His suits came from Armaani Exchange one of which he wore in Singles Party and another he is going to wear in Houston Reception.