Introducing Denise Neufeld Photography

2011 Jan 8 - by Preeti
We have some lovely photos today from a photographer in Chico, California. Denise Neufeld has been shooting weddings for the past seven years and her shooting style is beautiful and fun.

I asked her about Indian weddings and what she thinks.

I just photographed my first Indian Wedding last summer. It was one of the most beautiful wedding events that I have ever photographed. I loved all the beautiful colors, jewelry, decorations and clothing. I was very pleased with all the beautiful images that I was able to capture during the three day event. I love the hospitality of Indians; they are very beautiful people. - Denise

Let's get to it with some lovely photos from her collection.

Bokeh of Pink Roses

The Bridal Hand with Mehndi

The Bride and Groom

A reflection of the Bride

I love the realistic, raw shooting of these photos. And yet, they are still elegant and lovely!