Losing the Greatest Rani of Us All - Mom

September 8, 2011 - by Preeti

My mom passed away. It was not expected. There was an accident and then she was gone.

I've been spending the past weeks dealing and not dealing with the horrific reality that my mom is gone. That now my dad is alone and will spend his remaining life without her support. That it is just dad and I left.

When I write for TBIW, I ask my mom a lot of questions. "What is this kind of stitching called? What colors do Rajasthanis wear for a wedding. Etc, etc." She was working on some articles which maybe at some point I will post. My mom has been a big inspiration to have this site in the first place.

I am happy that my mom saw me get married. That she threw a fabulous wedding where people around the world literally flew in to honor us. That she loved my mother-in-law and despite the language barriers, got along like chums.

But mom will not see me turn 30. She will not see her anniversary with dad. She will not see my one year anniversary with my husband. She will not see me have children. She will not sing Indian songs to babies or feed them dal and chaval. But she will live in our hearts and eternal love.

When your mom dies, you lose the greatest rani of them all.

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I love you Mom.

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