Yes, Men Can Wear Henna on their Hands (and Heads!)

2011 Jul 14 - by Preeti
Six years when I got married, it was relatively uncommon for men to have mehendi done on their hands. Today, everyone does it.

Desi and white men are slaying it by wearing henna on their hands, and even their heads!

And if you're wondering if men can wear henna - why yes, yes they can. Okay, I'm not talking about guys going to Burning Man or some festival, I'm talking about grooms. In India, it's not uncommon that some Rajasthani grooms wear intricate mehendi on both hands. And in olden times, grooms wore henna to be just as decorated as brides.

So here are 12 men who are styling at wearing mehendi. How brill is that?!

The bald men rock and rolling with their henna designs on their heads

photo by Nicole Ryan Photography

A slightly confused groom getting a mandala henna tattoo.

Groom with his bride's name drawn on.