{The Opulent Corner} The Most Expensive Wedding Cake

2011 Dec 7 - by Preeti
Here's a welcome to a new series called the Opulent Corner. Yes, it is about all things opulent and over the top. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes hideous, but always at a high price.

In reality, most of you fine ladies will not be spending $300,000 on a pair of shoes or $800,000 on a cake, but maybe, something will inspire you. Or perhaps revolt you.

For most of us plebeians cake is delicious buttercream frosting and icing with fluffy chocolate and vanilla and even raspberry. But our first opulent corner article features the most expensive wedding cake in the world.

That's right, a wedding cake.

It's not the 27 cakes featured at late Princess Diana's royal wedding, this wedding cake costs is $1.3 million.

This opulent wedding cake has diamonds on it. Yes, DIAMONDS. Created by Dallas bakery, Delicious Cakes, and jewelry store, Silver Exchange, the cake has:

  • 1,200 carats of diamonds
  • silver luster dusting

Cost per serving?  $3,125 per slice.

Maria Antoinette may have said "Let them eat cake" but this sure takes a cake to a new level.