The Big Fat British Royal Wedding & Mad Hats

2011 May 2 - by Preeti
Friday meant that most of us around the world, around 3 billion, woke up at odd hours to see the beloved and once good looking Prince William marry Catherine, now the Duchess of Cambridge.

The ceremony was beautiful, the service was religious and modern at the same time, and the dress was a marvel by Alexander McQueen.  The cost, footed by the royal family and Kate's parents will cost $17 million dollars (though cheaper than Princess Diana's wedding at $70 million adjusted for inflation).  What was really amazing? The hats.

Seriously, what is the obsession with hats? Specifically wearing hats at British weddings? Someone please explain this.  In good humor, let me know the obsession with hat wearing at weddings in good ole England.  Or maybe hat wearing is for old poofs?

Here are my favorite and somewhat terrifying hats from the Royal Wedding.

That ribbon antler hat worn by Princess Beatrice is fashion roadkill. Why, oh why?


Could anyone see past the neon blue?


These sunflower hat caps are actually wonderfully sweet. Look at how cute they are!

The Mall on the eve of the Royal Wedding

Miriam Gonzales, the Spanish beauty, is elegant.

Britain Royal Wedding

The Queen knows how to style in spring colors.


Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. I was very disappointed with the plain coral hat and dress. Why must the Swedes be so plain!

No comment about the blue and purple saucer feather trainwreck.

Now this is sexy. I thought black hats would be unacceptable since they are well, black, and funerary.

There's a little too much purple going on with Lorna Brooking. Eww.

And last, an Indian touch at the Royal Wedding.

The wedding cake was gorgeous. Designed and created by Fiona Cairns. She is married to Kishore Patel who operates the company. The Royal Wedding Cake