Anokhee & Mital's Colorful Mehndi and Garba Celebration

2012 Dec 4 - by Preeti
We've been keeping this wedding feature under wraps for a few weeks now. Why? Because we've been in love with the color and couldn't stop drooling at the mehndi and garba. Then we realized, we should share these beautiful photos of this sweet couple, Anokhee and Mital.

Matt and Kathy of Mathy Shoots People covered their wedding and we are thrilled to feature them.

Anokhee and Mital got married in Broomes Island, Maryland just a few short months ago. Despite power outages and a storm, they rocked the wedding with color, happiness, and dancing.

Today's feature is the oh-so-gorgeous mehndi done for the bride and family as well as the garba. Garba is a traditional Gujarati dance that occurs during the harvest time and at weddings. You also get to play with a pair of sticks, known as dandiya. These are fun filled and very colorful events for a Gujarati wedding.

Look at that happy bride! Happy feet, beautiful henna!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's wedding and reception!

{Photographs courtesy of Mathy Shoots People}