Deciphering Matrimonial Ads - A Glossary

2012 May 8 - by Preeti
The Sunday newspapers are perfect when having a cup or two of chai, parathas, and lots to read. It is also the day of the week when matrimonial ads are displayed and the stress reappears.

For those who are searching for that special someone, the arranged marriage market is more competitive than ever. Print ads, online dating sites, and the traditional matriarch with connections, the arranged marriage market is big business and stress.

And then there are the acronyms. PQM, SM, IAS, MBA, MNC, it's like reading letters on the eye chart! Indians love acronyms and with the short spacing allowing, it is all about maximizing ad real estate.

If your family is just starting their search for you, or you are looking yourself, here's a glossary of the terms used in newspaper ads. Otherwise, you could end up with an OF (an old fart!).

Here's my help me glossary to understanding wedding ads in the Indian papers:

PQM - Professionally Qualified Match



M/NM - Manglik/non-Manglik

SRIV - Shrivastava


NCR - National Capital Region (delhi)

NRI - Non resident Indian


IAS - Indian Administrative Service

PGT - Post Graduate Teacher


KKB - Kanyakubj Brahmin

PQG - Professionally Qualified Gentleman

MUM - Mumbai


SBI - State Bank of India


LPA - lakhs per annum,

BHP - bio-data, horoscope and photo

BTFUL - beautiful

Caste no bar - Willing to marry someone outside of their caste, or social class.

Alliance - Commonly used to ensure the marriage is also about the families, not just the two fools getting marriage.

No issue - The person was previously married, now divorced and has no kids from that marriage. Or so, we hope.

Upper caste no bar -

Spinster - unwed, older lady. Pretty mean to say!

MNC - Multi national corporation

DME - Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

LLB - Law Degree - Masters in Commerce

Jat - group native to the Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Jammu, Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan areas.

GREEN - green card holder

B'LORE - Bangalore

Some jargon I just don't understand. Perhaps I'm not as cool and versed as I thought I would be.