Jesenka's Hindu Wedding at the W Hotel, NYC

2012 Apr 19 - by Preeti
I have a special real wedding for you all today! Farnaz K Studio shot this fabulous wedding and I am happy to have her showcase another wedding here on The BFIW (see Shobi's wedding if you missed it earlier).

Jesenka had a Hindu wedding at the W on Lexington Avenue in New York City. It was a wonderful and memorable day and looked like a blast.

I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes by email to ask Jesenka a few questions.

What was the favorite part of the wedding?

"For me, the most fun was the reception. Having time to meet my family and friends and stand with my husband."

What do you think is important to know with a mixed Indian-American wedding?

"It's important for the parents of the bride to try to understand the groom's culture and they should try their best to have an open mind. For example, there should be flexibility on both sides in terms of religion.

And, don't feel disappointed if some family members do not at first accept the groom. They will eventually come around once they realize how great he is."

Thank you Jesenka, wise words of wisdom.

Now to fabulous photos.