Kismet & Nitin's Colorful Desert Wedding in Chandigarh

2012 Aug 24 - by Preeti
One of my favorite bloggers out there, Kismet at The Unreal Bride, got married recently. Yes, married!

And who better to have an amazing, colorful, offbeat wedding in a desert farm in India than Kismet?!

We're sharing a few special photos here but oh boy, it was so hard to pick which photos to feature. From pinwheels to sunflowers to dancing in the desert, Kismet and her husband, Nitin pulled off a fabulous wedding that reflected who they are.

We of course have an interview with Kismet on she put together the wedding and photographs from Carmen & Ingo. They did a spectacular job capturing all the happiness.

The details: In a farm hidden away near the border of Chandigarh, India on the 1st of March 2012. We had a registered wedding (held in a tiny little office) followed by a non-religious wedding ceremony. Our parents made speeches, we sang a few songs and popped a lot of pink champagne!

How did you plan your wedding?

I had a hundred little post its and notes and man pinterest boards. I took notes from some of the more organised brides I knew and took tips from them. Tried to tick off one thing after the other! It was manic planning. I don't think there was any PROCESS as such-when we thought about something we would deal with it!!! We came away with many a grey hair!

Your wedding is offbeat and fun. What did you do?

The only thing that we did different to most of the weddings you see in India is that we decided to do it our way, have fun and not get stuck around cliches. The most offbeat thing? Just that the wedding was truly about US and our friends and family! I know it sounds like that is how it is (should be) at all weddings but sometimes it just doesn't happen. I remember everything about our wedding and was very much a part of everything which was awesome!

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Favourite moment? Every.single.moment. :)

Where did you get your clothes and jewelry?

My clothes were all hand stitched by a local boutique. I fought a little to wear blue but there was no way I was going to wear red or pink!!

The jewellery was a real mix and match-I did a whole lot of shopping from Amrapali which has the most amazing jewelry which is totally my style, not extravagantly priced and wearable! I also wore some of my mums jewelery, my aunts tikka which she wore to her wedding and my mum wore at her wedding. Do you see how I had something new, something borrowed and something blue?

What advice do you have advice for brides to be planning their wedding?

Be strong, be positive, be happy, just a teeny weeny compromising and most important be HAPPY! (and hire a wedding planner if you can :P )

Photos courtesy of Carmen & Ingo