Lakme, Delhi Couture & Jewelry Fashion Week 2012 Recap

September 7, 2012 - by Preeti

It's that time of year when fashion shows bring out the best, and on occasion the worst, of India's fashion.

I pulled out the best and most interesting from the three big shows in the past month; Lakme Fashion Week, Delhi Couture Week, and International Jewelry Week. My favorite was the jewelry.

Delhi Couture Week

Ashima Leena's collection

Bollywood icon Sharmila Tagore walks the runway

Delhi Couture Week 2012 width=Delhi Couture Week 2012 width=Delhi Couture Week 2012 width=Delhi Couture Week 2012 width=Delhi Couture Week 2012 width=


Lakme Fashion Week

Astha and Sidharth bring out the ...Yellow?

lakme fashion week astha and sidharth width=

Debarun's gorgeous brocade work

lakme fashion week debarun width=

pallavi jaikishan

lakme fashion week pallavi jaikishan width=

Shyamal and Bhumika

lakme fashion week shyamal and bhumika width=

Ken Ferns ... also liking yellow?

lakme fashion week ken ferns width=

Mayank Anand and Shraddha Nigam

lakme fashion week Mayank Anand and Shraddha Nigam width=lakme fashion week Mayank Anand and Shraddha Nigam width=

Preeti Desai for Anita Dongre

lakme fashion week preeti desai for anita dongre width=Photo-39 width=

Deepika Govind

lakme fashion week deepika govind width=


India International Jewelry Week

India International Jewellery Week width=

Bollywood darling Madhuri Dixit looking fab

India International Jewellery Week width=India International Jewellery Week width=

Fashion beauty Sonam Kapoor

India International Jewellery Week width=

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