Nitu & Jessie's Sikh and Soccer Wedding in Canada

2012 Aug 16 - by Preeti
Haley, from Shandro Photo in Edmonton, Alberta, sent me Nitu and Jessie's wedding. There isn't anything else to say but WOW!

They were married in Edmonton. He is Sikh and she is Hindu so they had a Sikh ceremony in the Gurdwara, and incorporated Hindu ceremonies and traditions throughout the wedding. The wedding was a 6-day affair! WOW!

Jessie is a soccer fanatic so that was incorporated into the portrait session, doli negotiations, and the reception – they used a cake topper at the reception entry of a soccer player.

Vibrant colours ruled the day – red, white and blue for the ceremony, and orange, red, and purple for the reception.

The reception was complete with amazing dance performances, a sweets buffet, and a crazy dance party. Of course!

Thank you Haley for capturing these gorgeous photos and sharing their wonderful wedding with us!

{Photos courtesy of Shandro Photo}