Old Bollywood Glamour - Big Hair & Bold Eyes {Styled Shoot}

2012 May 2 - by Preeti
The 1960s is one decade I would love to visit. The whole world was changing. The Cold War began, Vietnam nearly destroyed America's credibility, President Kennedy and Reverened Martin Luther King Jr were assinated, Woodstock and the counterculture were in.

Big poofy hair and winged eyeliner was fashionable. It was acceptable and sexy to be a woman with curves. Mad Men roamed the world. And Bollywood actresses were the sexiest ever, without ever revealing so much as even a bra.

Saina Banu in an ad from the 1960s

Photographer Amna Hakim and makup artist Radha Subramani brought back the glam of the 60s and put together a gorgeous photo shoot.

I asked Radha where the inspiration came and she said her mother was a style icon. She says,

"My mom's always had an incredible eye for fashion and style and I still look to her for creative inspiration on most projects. A long time ago, sifting through her old photos, I found pictures of her and my aunts in the 1960s. I have long been entranced by their blend of Western and Eastern fashion: the stylish short kameez with churidaar pajamas, the beehives, the Farrah Fawcett (or Sharmila Tagore) hair, the cat eye makeup on young, stylish, women who still retained a very Indian look."

"When I started researching the project I realized how strongly 1960s and 1970s American fashion influenced South Asian style, coming together in a look that was entirely unique," says Radha. "I thought it would be fun to create something that was sexy, modern, retro and glam in a very South Asian way."

It wasn't hard to convince photographer Amna Hakim and filmaker Bridget Redmond to get on board.

What you get is a glamorous shoot that revives the beauty of the 60s.

You can see the blend of influences of East and West in the 60s style. It's not seen in today's hipster vintage revival or even in modern South Asian fashion. The 60s look was frozen in time by both Hollywood and Bollywood beauties. Still, the style is a classic.

Friday, I will feature how to do the Bollywood glamour makeup and hair so you can be a gorgeous glam too.


Concept and Styling: Radha Subramani

Photography: Amna Hakim Photography {www.amnahakim.com}

Film: { First Kiss Films } {www.firstkissfilms.com}

Makeup and Hair: Radha Subramani Makeup {www.radhasubramani.com}

Saree blouses: American Apparel {www.americanapparel.com}

Sarees/Accessories: AKR Designs {alykhanrajani@hotmail.com}

Jewelery: Uma’s Jewellery {http://www.umasjewellery.com/index.htm}

Models: Samia, Nina and Kiran

Location: private residence and the Electrical and Plumbing Store, Ottawa