25 Hue-filled Ombre Wedding Cakes

2012 Jul 12 - by Preeti
If you love color as much as I do, then a ombre wedding cake is awesome. Ombre, a French word meaning 'shaded', is when an object exhibits three or more tones (shades).

These colors can be different shades of the same hue or three different complementing colors, a sort-of rainbow, if you will.

After scouring the net and of course Pinterest, I found lots of beautiful wedding ombre cakes. From purples and lilacs to bright greens and oranges, you can make an ombre cake out from any color, even charcoal grey and brown!

Reds, Pinks, and Pastel Shades

Pink ombre cake with ruffles and a rose by Couture Cakery.

Pink Wedding Cake by Pinkcakebox.com


Pastel Pink Ombre Cake in Roses by Country Cleaver.


Elegant Red Ombre Wedding Cake. Photo by Gabriel Ryan Photography.


Orange Crush Ombre by Lydia Bakes



Rustic Peach Ombre by Alison Lawson Cakes

Source: blog.stephbond.com via The Big Fat Indian Wedding


Lemon Orange Ombre Cake by Suga Blossoms Cakes


Sweet Yellow Blossom Flower Cake by The Pastry Studio

Source: thepastrystudio.com



Turquoises, blues, and greens

Green Ombre Cake

Blue Ombre Petal Cake by The Hungry Housewife

Source: thehungryhousewife.com via The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Blue Ombre Cake Party by Electric Blonde

Source: electricblonde.com


Blue Rainbow Ombre Cake by Sockerrus


Light Blue Ombre Cake by JavaCupcake


Rainbow Pastel Ombre Cake by Suga Blossoms Cakes



Purple and violet shades

Pastel Layer Cake by Martha Stewart

Puple Ombre Mini Cakes by Glorious Treats


Source: rummytum-tum.blogspot.com via The Big Fat Indian Wedding


Purple Ombre Sprinkle Cake by Raspberri Cupcakes


Violet & Royal Purple Ruffed Cake by Maggie Austin Cake

Browns and Charcoals

Brown Ruffle Ombre Cake by Cakes by Carol

Source: elizabethannedesigns.com via The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Source: southernliving.com via The Big Fat Indian Wedding


and last, but certainly not least...


Neapolitan Colors Rose Cake by I Am Baker




Are you in love with ombre cakes now? I certainly am!

If you are the designer of the cake and we forgot to mention your name, please don't hesitate to drop a line and let us know to fix it.