{Opulent Corner} The Most Expensive Wedding Ever

2012 Jan 6 - by Preeti
Do you remember when Laxshmi Mittal's darling little girl got married? Probably not. Do you remember a wedding that cost $66 million?

Now you do. That's the Mittal wedding. The most expensive wedding in the world. No one really knows what happened and what those fabulously overpriced flowers looked like since the press was uninvited, but Mittal did drop some diamonds for us wedding-obsessed-suckers.

The details

  • 1,000 guests from all over the world.
  • 12 Boeing jets hired.
  • Five day wedding where guests stayed at the Hotel Intercontinental in Paris.
  • The first floor of the hotel was converted into a parlor with several hairstylists, makeup artists and saree -draping specialists to assist the guests.
  • Traditionally-dressed men playing drums outside the hotel showered flowers on guests when they stepped in and out.
  • Location - 17th century Vaux le Vicomte. Described as the "finest chateau and garden" in France.
  • Engagement - Palace of Versailles, once the home to Louis XIV. A lavish dinner followed for the guests at the Jardin des Tuileries.
  • Invitations - 20-page-thick silver-cased invitation. The rest of the details is up for rumors, but they are the most expensive wedding invitations in the world. "They were delivered along with a 5kg hand carved silver centerpiece, and there was even speculation that jade necklaces and diamond watches accompanied the invitations."3
  • Poems in the wedding invitation were written by members in the Mittal family.

    "From the chateau steeped in history,

    We enter a world of maharajahs and mystery,

    A gilded palace from Bikaner brings,

    A lavish feast fit for a king."

  • Bridal trousseau - Designed by some of the top Indian designers, including Suneet Verma, Abu-Sandeep, and Tarun Tahiliani.
  • Catering - Munna Maharaj, Calcutta's top restaurateur flew in with his staff of 38 to run the operations.

The mystery of never knowing how the wedding looked will be the greatest allure for a wedding lover.

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