Spicy Mirchi Awesome Surprises Coming Soon! {Personal Post}

2012 Jun 5 - by Preeti
Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I know I have been bad at updating you'all at what's happening here but there are lots of exciting things in the works.


For starters, you have probably seen this gorgeous Tanishq bridal photo:

I tracked down the creative director/photographer for this collection and next week we have a special interview with her. She's been in charged of several Tanishq bridal and jewelry photograph promotions and she is amazing!

Next up, is a special article on what to know about hiring a makeup artist by Radha Subramaniam. Sounds familiar? She was the makeup artist behind the Bollywood glam photoshoot and wrote the guest post on doing the Old Bollywood glam for yourself!

Are you getting excited?!!

There are several real weddings to be featured and they're in the works. So much wedding porn, so little chai!

OoooH, and let me not forget, a special interview with jewelry design company Art Karat.

Yes, the designer who brings you the Begum jewelry collection will be speaking to us about inspiration and design.

There are two really really exciting things left that's going on. This weekend I am heading to Brighton, United Kingdom for a fabulous 1st birthday party of the offbeat wedding blog, Under the Vintage Veil. Lots of photographs and inspiration to come!

The second really really exciting thing happening here is a secret.


Here's a clue: if you love jewelry, shoes, handbags and online shopping, you will be in heaven.

And last but not least by any means, a giant shout-out to our sponsors. Without them, this site would be...rather dull.

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