The Day Before - Marrying My Best Friend {Real Bride Series w Suhaav}

2012 Oct 1 - by Preeti
Indi, from Suhaav, got married this weekend!!! Congratulations to her and her lovely hubby. She just married the man of her dreams.

Indi wrote this the day before the wedding and sent it me. You will laugh, cry, and love regardless if you are a bride or not. This is the raw emotion of being a woman, being in love, and making changes for the better.

From Indi:

Tomorrow I will marry my best friend; the value of knowing this is well, priceless. Having grown up together, and knowing him since the tender age of two well is still remarkable to me; but the fact that I still get butterflies when I see him, even the day before the wedding is just something else.

He understands me, he knows and loves the silly things about me, he will go the extra mile even when he doesn’t need too just because it will make me happy. He wants to make me smile in any situation. He stands up for me, and helps me to stand up; when I feel weary he makes me feel like a million dollars.

I have thought a lot about what it means to say "I love you"? Having both taken different and sometimes tough journeys, what does it means for us to say I love you and take this step? Today, I am able to say it with more conviction, more heart and the deepest understanding of feeling those three short words. When he grabs my hand, with his smile I am lost, and feel serene in his words, knowing somewhere deep down inside that this time there was more behind it all that ever before.

Imagine knowing you are marrying your best friend? Today I am a lucky girl in that respect. To say the day does not come with a little apprehension would be silly for me, I’m moving from the bosom and comfort of a home that has nourished and protected me through turbulent and happy times.

The friendships I have blossomed with will take a temporary change as I adjust to a new life and home. The siblings and parents that form my very core will seem a little bit further

away, and it is to these relationships I feel an immense gratitude and love towards.

The responsibilities ahead are daunting, the new start rejuvenating, and the whole experience a whirlwind.

BUT, it’s all a bit easier because my best friend is waiting for me.

A preview of our pre shoot in the gorgeous Hotel La Tour and in the Warwickshire countryside, an area we were able to talk and get to know each other. Blessed with beaming sunshine, and a lovely Cineture photography, I present you Mr. Suhaav (aka. Avi).

PS, a quick update - I'll be writing about the wedding after the honeymoon. And, a big thanks from me to all my friends and family who made it a dream weekend.