Vijayeta & Chintan's Gujarati Kutch Wedding

2012 May 10 - by Preeti
I am excited to feature our first Mumbai, India wedding! This is a really special wedding through our family friends. And I was fortunate to be one of the photographers!

Of course this meant I had to asked Vijayeta the bride how she planned a wedding for 800 people. 800 people!

What type of wedding did you have?

We had a Hindu (Kutchi) wedding with all the traditional rituals. It was short and sweet as we had combined the wedding and the reception. This involved less hassle of changing dress and being tired and stressed out of having more events.

Tell us about the planning process.

It started with deciding the theme of decorations and colors and then moved on to designing the details which gave it a personalized touch. I should confess that everything from the wedding cards to table cloths, candles, chair bows to the stage decorations, my mom made sure everything came together.

Her enthusiasm stayed the whole year from my engagement date to the wedding day. She was the wedding planner and master.



Where did you buy your wedding outfits?

Most of my wedding shopping was done in Bangalore and Mumbai. All my clothes were designed from Kaya in Bangalore.

What suggestions do you have for a bride to be?

I think most important part to do while planning a wedding is to bring out what the bride, groom and the family members want it to be and not what people think of it. Chintan and I were very clear on not having too many functions and spending lots of money on too many events. Hence we planned for one sweet event involving all the guests together.

I was fortunate to have no altercations with my in-laws during the wedding planning process. To me, this signified a good start with my relationship with my in-laws. A wedding only lasts a day but our marriage will last forever. Be good to your in-laws and they will too.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

My wedding was more than my expectations and was like a dream come true. The venue, the climate, decorations, food, photography and most importantly the smiles on peoples face made it happen.

Of course a wedding is not possible without the people attending. I cannot be grateful enough to all the people who were a part of my wedding and made me feel so special at this important of my life.

And most importantly, it may sound trite but thanks to my Mom it was a perfect wedding. Her involvement in designing every small detail lead to my dreams coming true.



Vijayeta and Chintan, you had an amazing wedding! Enjoy the photos!