12 Favorite Holiday Scents & Candles

2013 Dec 23 - by Shriya
Happy holidays, lovely readers! Shriya here with some extra reasons to celebrate this festive season: scents! There's so many tingling senses during this happy time of year: the sounds of bells and carols, the kisses and hugs of loved ones, the tastes of yummy seasonal dishes...and of course, the aroma of wintery, holiday joy!

As a beauty product junkie, the holiday season is my favorite time of year because it's when the best, wintery fragrances are featured by some of my favorite skincare and makeup companies. Here's my list of this season's most lovely, enticing scents - so you can spread the joy from one nose to another!

Tin Type Candles by Anthropologie

Anthropologie seems to have condensed every scent I want to smell during the holidays into these adorable tin candles painted with reindeer, Christmas trees, and snow. The scents include mulled wine (yum!), hot buttered rum (another yum!), and frosted pine to make sure all your holiday fragrance desires are covered.

Boulangerie Jar by Anthropologie

Christmastime is synonymous with desserts, right? I hope so, or else I, along with millions of others, are probably getting it wrong. If you want to rightly be reminded of a French bakery during the holidays, invest in these simple yet fragrant candles in boulangerie jars. They come in mouthwatering scents like Vanilla & Fig and Pumpkin Souffle!

Good Nature Tin by Anthropologie

Another successful tin candle in the Anthropologie line, this set comes decorated and pre-packaged for Christmas. With scents like Alpine Frost and Cranberry Spice, these small tins pack a large fragrant punch! They're also beautifully painted with scenic wintery backgrounds.

Velvet Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist by Bath and Body Works

Red velvet isn't just a tasty cake flavor - it's also a fragrant holiday scent by Bath and Body Works! Mixed with deep plum and sweet nectar, this scent is musky with mid notes of floral and honey to keep the blend balanced. Think rich, sweet cupcake meets extra brut champagne.

Sensual Amber Fine Fragrance Mist by Bath and Body Works

While not technically on part of the seasonal collection, this classic Bath and Body Works scent serves best for the holidays. Its overtones of amber, musk, and vanilla are complimented with hints of nuts and rose petals to create that perfect "brisk walk in the wintery woods" bliss.

Sandalwood and Ginger Body, Room, and Linen Spritz by The Body Shop

The latter months of October through December are filled with spices, from pumpkin pies to foresty mistletoe. This fragrance is the epitome of late autumn with a spicy wooden aroma that is sure to keep your home crisp and ready for the holidays!

Vanilla & Tonka Bean Scented Candle by The Body Shop

Maybe you've entered your seasonal holiday baking extravaganza and your house already smells like vanilla extract - but if not, this scented candle will do the trick! The large candle comes at a great price of under $10 at the current sale, so it'll make your home smell like freshly baked cookies all December long.

Ginger Sparkle Reed Diffuser by The Body Shop

There's a reason why Christmas is associated with ginger spice - it's warm and comforting and used in gingerbread! Reed diffusers are long-lasting and pretty to look at, so they'll be a great way to spice up your home for the holidays.

The Smell of Weather Turning Solid Perfume by LUSH Cosmetics

The name pretty much sums it up: this is what fall mashed with early winter smells like! With oaky underlays and strong hints of peppermint, this perfume will literally make you smell like the holidays. It sounds like a great way to remind everyone in your near vicinity to start thinking about Christmas shopping.

Vanilla/Ginger Perfumes by LUSH Cosmetics

Vanilla, sandalwood, and traces of caramel all combine to make your nose feel like it's curled up by the fire with a creamy drink. Each of the aromas used in this perfume are cozy and comforting - so they blend together perfectly to represent the warmth of the holidays!

The Smell of Freedom by LUSH Cosmetics

If freedom had a smell, it would probably encompass the feeling of coming home for Christmas break and spending some well-deserved quality time with family and friends. Citrus, oak, black pepper, and jasmine are the perfect combination of sugar, spice, and everything nice about the freedom of the holidays from our stressful work/school lives.

Jo Malone Holiday Travel Collection at Nordstrom

While it is on the pricey end, Jo Malone London's home fragrances are absolutely worth it! This holiday travel collection includes three unique scents to flavor your Christmas with - English Pear and Freesia, Sweet Almond and Macaroon, and Pine and Eucalyptus. Whether you're looking for fruity, sweet, or fresh, this collection has everything you need for an aromatic holiday season.

Well, there you have it - my favorite picks for the perfectly fragrant holiday season! If only there were some way to indulge in all these sensual scents at the same time....

What are your favorite holiday scents?