6 Easy Diwali Sweets to Make

2013 Nov 4 - by Preeti
Diwali is here, and that means lots and lots of good food. And lots of tasty sweets {mithai}. This year, we present you a few traditional and offbeat options to impress your guests at Diwali dinner.

And you don't have to make these just for Diwali, they are delicious all year round!

Mango Burfi {Condensed Milk}

This mango burfi recipe is the perfect mix of tangy fruit and creamy burfi. It's complete with an Indian Alphonso mango base, inspired by Mumbai’s best sweet shops.

{Ricotta} Saffron Burfi

For a light and healthy treat for Diwali, make a ricotta cheese based burfi with luxurious saffron. You won't know the calories are missing!

Falooda Dessert Bar

For an intimate gathering of family and friends, make a DIY falooda bar. Have all the fixings laid out, and let your guests be the chef.

Diwali Spice Cookies

I called these my gingerbread cookies gone desi. Upp the spices, like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove, and nutmeg, and you will have a symphony of flavors in every bite. Bonus, for those of you who love decorating the cookies with royal icing.


A veritable Indian cookie - the base is not wheat flour but rather besan {chick pea flour} and semolina. A dollop of raspberry jam, think thumbprint cookies, makes nankhatai a go-to Diwali mithai.

Coconut Ladoo

For a twist on the ladoo, try coconut. Coconuts to Indian desserts are like milk to cookies: irresistible. With just five ingredients, you can't go wrong!

Have a wonderful and prosperous new year!