9 Favorite Indian Wedding Sweets

2013 Dec 27 - by dulhan
Weddings are the perfect time for Indian families to gather and do what they love best - eat!! With a never-ending list of mouthwatering mithai to choose from, South Asian weddings are never short of sweet satisfaction. Here are our nine tastiest treats to serve at your wedding!


You can't go wrong with the ever-popular ladoo! Easy to make or order in quantities, it is the perfect go-to treat during all your wedding festivities. Whether your guests like besan or boondi, ladoos are sure to be stuffed into relatives' mouth left and right during those auspicious days.

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There's a reason why burfi is traditionally fed to the bride and groom - it's creamy, sweet, and delicious! From mango burfi to pistachio topped wonders, the versatile burfi can be flavored with just about anything you like! Burfi can be kept simple with just a few nut toppings or made colorful with rose and other variations.


Pedas are auspicious by nature - they are the sweet served when relatives announce an engagement or a child is born. Since they are small, sweet, and creamy as well, they are the perfect addition to your wedding sweets buffet!

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Gulab Jamun

Who doesn't find themselves craving the warm, syrupy goodness of gulab jamun every once in a while (or more like, every day)?! The spongy dough balls seem to be a match made in heaven for absorbing all that rosewater syrup - which is why they are perfect for your wedding guests as well!

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Another easy sweet to order and serve in large batches, jalebi is a popular dessert that can be eaten throughout the day - from breakfast until after dinner! Jalebi can be served warm, but it tastes just as delicious at room temperature. It's low maintenance and can be eaten on the go: ideal for a busy wedding celebration.

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Kheer is the ultimate, after-dinner satisfying dessert that you and your guests will crave after a long day of prayers, rituals, and running around. The sweet rice noodles soaked with cardamom, milk, and sugar are sure to bring some much needed calm and relief to you, your guests, and your tastebuds after a hectic and exciting day!

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Whether it's gajar or badam, halwa is a lovely dessert that is easy to make or order in bulk and enjoy with family and friends. Each sweet and satisfying spoonful is sure to heighten the wedding experience - and maybe help you get in some more vegetables and nuts into your ideal diet?


Cream and sugar are the perfect pair - well, after the bride and groom,of course! Rasmalai is a great way to serve your guests a creamy, sweet delight that is savored to the last few slurps!

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Kaju Katli

A simple, yet tasty burfi option, kaju katli is sweet but not overwhelmingly so. It can easily accompany heavier desserts such as kheer or halwa, but can also stand its own on a table with mid-afternoon chaitime farsan.

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Looking for a sweet snack to keep your energy and spirits up? You can't go wrong with shankarpara, which can also be eaten in its spicy form for a savory treat. The crunchy goodness will ward off hunger and satisfy your sweet tooth as you go on with the day's wedding rituals.

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What sweets would you serve at a wedding?