A Persian Wedding that Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

2013 Aug 20 - by Preeti
Normally, we don't feature weddings from outside the South Asian community, but sometimes you just have to break those rules.

Because today we have such an amazing wedding, you will skip a heart beat. Anahita and Mehndi got married at the City Hall in San Francisco, CA, followed by a reception at the Fairmont.

It goes to show that even a civil wedding can be absolutely gorgeous when you have the right photographer and a wonderful couple.

Their Iranian wedding just melted my heart and I couldn't stop staring at Anahita's beautiful wedding dress. WOW!

We got to spend a few minutes with Anahita to talk about her Persian wedding.

Tell us about your wedding planning!

The biggest challenge was deciding on number of guests. I wanted an intimate wedding on the beach in Hawaii, and he wanted to invite lots of people! I finally gave in and we started planning for a 250 guest wedding. The second challenge was finding the venue as I could see us in a winery/country club outdoor wedding as well as a hotel ballroom. Our number of guests and time limits helped us narrow down our options and Fairmont's awesome wedding coordinator (and agreeing to serve our choice of Tequila) sealed the deal for us.

The rest of the planning was easier. I wasn't very picky and my sister was a great help. The last month before our wedding was quite stressful, and I really believe I was lucky to be working with best vendors possible.

Tell us a bit about your photography decision making process. How important was it?

Photography was very important for me, as at the end of the day, it's the only thing that is left from a day you put so much time and effort in. I went thought lots of local photographers websites to get an idea of wedding style and venues, and IQ photos touched me like no other photographers. I knew I wanted to have Joseph from IQ shoot my wedding before I was set on my date and venue. I booked them before even meeting him in person.

How was the wedding day itself?

The wedding day was magical. When I heard people say their wedding day is the best day of their lives, I used to wonder why! Now I can tell it was definitely one of the best days of my life because I had so many people who love me and I love them join our celebration.

There was a Sofreye Aghd (Wedding Spread) setup. This is old Zoroastrian tradition where several kinds of herbs, breads, sweets and nuts are placed on a table. A group of unmarried young women hold a shawl over the couple's head and grind sugar cones (literally or symbolically) over them. The cones represent sweetness.

The reception was beautiful! I couldn't be more happy to see all our family and friends join us.

And now for photos! Thank you to IQphoto Studio for sharing this stunning wedding with us!

{Wedding Supplier}

Venue: Fairmont SF

Photography: IQ photo

Videography: IQ video

Flower: Flower Affairs

Wedding Officient: Wedding Vows by Nilou

Makeup: Asal Makeup Artist

DJ: Dr. T.

Sofreh for ceremony: Elegant Sofreh Design