Aishwarya Rai - Stunning in Sabyasachi

2013 Nov 22 - by Preeti
em>Correction: As it turns out, Aish has been back since 2010. Thanks to Shailly at The Saloni Collection for digging up the Hi Blitz magazine with her on the cover. And what was Mr. Murkerjee doing posting the photos this week? D'oh!

I think it's safe to say that our darling Miss World has made her comeback in fashion.

And with no less that master designer Sabyasachi.

It's like Coco Chanel married a Mughal fashion designer and produced the world's greatest textile grandmaster.

Then throw in a dash of high neck, long sleeve Victorian with a little steampunk, and here is a collection no one can deny.

And then they were all those people making fun of Aish's baby weight. So what? She has those womanly curves we all envy. Like Sofia Vergana with less boobage.

Scratch that, plenty of boobage! And such loveliness. Maybe a tad too much for those conservation Indians, but hell what a statement she's making.

Ooooohhhh, swoon! This doubled breasted high collar military jacket salwar? LOVE!

Is it me, or does this feel like a Dior ad? J'adore!

Wide collar metal necklace and a terrier? Yes, please.

Are those metal stars rolling off her shoulders combined with tulle? Really, Sabyasachi, you just break my heart with happiness. It's steampunk gone Indian.

I save the best photo for last. Just looking at this photo makes me think I died and went to heaven.

For more stunning photographs, check out Sabyasachi's instagram.