An Indian Flash Mob Wedding Proposal You Can't Miss

August 20, 2013 - by Preeti

I love good flash mobs. They can make you so happy, your feet end up dancing away from the computer.

When I heard from Arsh the first time, he had so much enthusiasm, I knew this would be amazing.

Indian + dancing + proposal, what is NOT to love about it?!

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And what a show he put on. Arsh planned for more than a month to throw the flash mob wedding proposal at the Elante Mall in Chandigarh, Punjab. A lot of planning went into the event, including ensuring the bride, Balraj, was kept in the dark.

Here's the video:

I had a chance to email with Arsh and hear his story. Please, get yourself some tissues. You will need it.

We talked about getting engaged some time back, but I did not want it to be just another regular moment. I wanted to do something different. I had seen a flash mob in sector 17, Chandigarh, which was focused on a more general cause, but was fantastic. Right there, the idea of mixing the flash mob with a wedding proposal ticked into my mind. The idea became real after being inspired by videos on Youtube.

The biggest challenge was to do this "Flash Mob Wedding Proposal" in Chandigarh, while I live & work in Noida.

The first thing I started with was to work on the music part. Well, before that, I spoke with Balraj's family to make sure they were okay with my idea.

I spent time deciding which songs I wanted to play. First, I picked up the amazing Valentine Mashup by DJ Kiran Kamath (for that Hindi flavor), I then mixed Macklemore Thrift Shop with (her favorite) JK & Tru-Skool – Jaddhu, later added a line from Diljit Dosanjhs- Mr Singh and finally ended it with the most apt song “Marry You by Bruno Mars”. I mixed all of these together and made a single eight minute track.

For the dancing, I looked for a dance crew in Chandigarh that would be talented, but also enthusiastic about performing. After much searching, I found The Confuse Crew, they loved the idea and were the perfect fit.

I later contacted Elante Mall Management team and discussed about this event with them. It wasn't easy and took around three weeks to convince them to get their approval. That was a pretty important part!

From there, it was all about find the DJ and a camera crew, because there were multiple cameras. And of course I wanted the camera crew to look like they were tied to the dance troupe and not myself.

I was pretty nervous the day before the event. I only time to practice for five days, and not all day mind you. I really had no idea how my dancing was going to turn out!

But on the day of the proposal, it was amazing. Balraj was clueless about it until I joined in on the dancing. One moment I could see her laughing (wondering if I was insane) and another minute, she had tears in her eyes!

After she said yes, we had tons of people congratulating us! It was so momentous and will be something we keep for the rest of our lives!

Even Balraj was shaking and in tears. She said, "This is something out of the world. I could never imagine a guy do something so special. And, I couldn't believe that this was happening with me! I couldn't stop smiling for two days after the proposal. I am on cloud nine and I just feel blessed to have Arsh in my life and couldn't be more happy."

Hasn't your heart melted away?!

What a super fun way to propose! Arsh and Balraj look so happy and they will have an amazing wedding I'm sure. They will getting married in October of this year, and we will bring your their wedding photos.

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