Asifa & Nabeel at {L’Oreal Pakistan Bridal Fashion Week 2013}

2013 Nov 12 - by Nadya
Asifa & Nabeel, the fashion-crime fighting duo, featured their line of easy, cool bridal wear at last week's Pakistan L'Oreal Bridal Week.  Their modern interpretation of high Mughlai maharaja fashion looked like it could walk right off the ramp and into my closet.

While each piece was dripping in jewels and sparkle, nothing felt overworked.  I imagine the people who wear Asifa & Nabeel are not the "try-hard" fasionistas you see at weddings.  They are calm, cool, collected, and seductively mysterious.

Look at them sleeves! Fine mesh with lace? Brilliant.

With only white, black, red, and navy blue, Asifa & Nabeel stuck to a super simple color palatte for this line.  And while at times it looked like P Diddy's white party, the uncomplicated feel of each outfit made the meticulous embroidery stand out and shine brighter.

There is something so wearable about this collection.  I can see how it would be tempting for designers to string a load of jewels around a male model and parade him out in a multi-colored, circus-tent dhoti (I mean, I love a beautiful male model in a rainbow flag any day, I'm only human) but I doubt the average Desi man would be keen to wear one.

Asif & Nabeela's kurta pajame, by contrast, with their refined embroidery and simple cuts would be an easy conversation to have - I'm sure I could get my little brother in to this outfit without any hassle.

Asifa & Nabeel are able to invoke confidence and elegance in each of their pieces.  They dress the cool, mysterious wedding guest who you're just dying to be sat next to at the reception.  Now if only I could snag one of those saris, then I could take on this upcoming wedding season like a badass.