Celia & Amit's Texas Style Hindu/Catholic Weddings

2013 Jan 31 - by Preeti
Today's wedding feature is a beautiful Hindu-Catholic wedding. Celia and Amit meet at a friend's gathering. While Celia thought Amit dashing, Amit played it so cool that she didn't know he was interested. They became friends first and after sometime, realized there was something more.

And so they got married in Downtown Austin having fusion weddings with both Hindu and Catholic ceremonies. Two ceremonies! Twice the dresses, twice the fun, twice the stress!

We had to chat with Celia to hear her story!

Tell us about the wedding!

Our wedding was July 7, 2012. The day started with a Catholic ceremony at St. Ignatius Catholic Church. After that, we hosted a luncheon for the wedding party at the Radisson Hotel in Downtown Austin. Then, we had a Hindu Ceremony also at the Radisson Hotel. After that, we had a cocktail hour followed by a dinner reception and an after-party in Downtown Austin.

Were there any special customs in your wedding?

We followed all the traditions of both Hindu and Catholic weddings. Amit is from Delhi, so we had a North Indian ceremony. My family is Hispanic, so our Catholic ceremony was bilingual (English/Spanish). At the reception, we served American food and played American, Mexican, and Indian music.

What was the hardest part about planning a fusion/double wedding?

The hardest part in planning a fusion wedding was having to organize twice as many details to incorporate both cultures. Amit and I, as well as our wedding party, had both Western and Indian attires. We also had two programs, each in English and Spanish. Basically, everything was doubled, and therefore twice the effort.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Celia: Walking down the aisle at the church, I saw Amit wiping off a tear and looking happier than I've ever seen him. I'll never forget that look.

Amit: Having all our friends dance all night. Americans dancing Bollywood, Indian dancing Tejano, etc.

What one piece of advice would you give future brides-to-be?

As the wedding day gets closer and closer, you start feeling like things won't get done in time - it could be quite overwhelming. The good thing about planning your wedding is that if any detail is missed, no one will know except for you, so don't overstress.

For our wedding, our DJ canceled at midnight the night before the wedding, but we still had a fabulous time and no one even knew about it.

Also, find yourself a great photographer because the day goes by too quickly and those are memories you want to have in beautiful pictures. We were lucky that our photographer did an amazing job.

And yes indeed they did! Thank you to Sean at Day 7 Photography for sharing this special day.