Lauren & Sanjay's Sweet Interfaith Indian Wedding {Atlanta, Georgia}

2013 Nov 14 - by Preeti
Sanjay and Lauren had the difficult task of planning their wedding from halfway across the country. They only had once chance to visit their venue in Atlanta, Georgia, and while it was a bit of blind planning, they sure put on a stunning wedding.

I am just in love with this couple. Do you see that smile radiating from Lauren (okay maybe the haldi helps)? *Swoon* And the black and white wedding photos from the church will make you weep with happiness.

But the best part of the wedding? A surprise dance by Lauren at the reception. She spent months practicing a Bollywood number and managed to keep it secret (so did everyone else who knew!). Sanjay had no idea until she got up and started dancing! Just look at the shock and aww on Sanjay's face:

Tell us about the wedding.

We had a predominantly Punjabi wedding there, though there was as strong Assamese presence there. We had the "Juroon" which was an Assamese event, which was atypical from the usual Hindu/Punjabi Sangeet that most weddings have. We also took on the mighty task of planning four separate events (the Christian ceremony and following brunch, the Barat, and the Hindu ceremony) from several states away. We were only able to visit the sites in Atlanta once just prior to the wedding. It was a whirlwind experience to say the least.

But we had a lot of help and love from all our family members. Each family pitched in and helped out to create a seamless, magical experience that allowed each event to flow from one to another. Lauren's mother, father, and twin sister planned the Christian ceremony and brunch from Ohio, and came up with the adorable doctor theme - fitting, as we are both doctors! Lauren's family even put together some of the beautiful floral arrangements on their own, mixing them with the gorgeous work of Peachtree Petals.

There's a cute pug on the wedding cake. What's the story behind her?

The funny story with the pug is that when I first started dating Lauren, I had never really had any experiences with dogs. I didn't have one growing up, so I was never that comfortable with them. The first time Lauren let Layla out, she immediately jumped up onto my lap when I was sitting on the couch and started licking my face (or tried to anyway) and like sneezed all over my computer (I'm super OCD)!

Lauren laughs because I pretended to think she was cute or that I liked her by saying "aww, she's so cute…." Knowing me now, she said "it was so obvious you were so not into Layla." Turns out, she's the first dog, or pet for that matter, that I've ever loved. If anything ever happened to her I'd be devastated. Little Layla!

Thank you to photographer Jason Hales for sharing the photos.

Congrats to you both! We wish you a life full of happy pills! (hehe)

{Wedding Suppliers}

Photographer: Jason Hales Photography

Event Designer: Mandap World

Floral Designer: Peachtree Petals

Reception Venue: DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Atlanta - Galleria

DJ: Indaglow Productions

Bakery: Confection Perfection Cakes