Fahad Hussayn's The Great Mutiny {L’Oreal Pakistan Bridal Fashion Week 2013}

2013 Nov 12 - by Nadya
Fahad Hussayn's 'The Great Mutiny,' featured at the Pakistan L'Oreal Bridal Week 2013, depicted a love story that began with the subtle interplay of nudes, golds, and earthy tones and moved into a cacophony of mutinous oranges, pinks, and baby blues, showing the flurry of emotion and feeling that comes with falling in love.

The story takes place among the feudal life of the landed aristocracy in Awadh, and the opulence of this age is illustrated through metal work, vintage finished gota and panni work, and beautiful zardozi.

I love the mermaid silhouette of this dress.  It feels demure and classy.  I think the soft pink scarf with the flower detail softens the metals of the dress itself (maybe this is the beginning of the falling in love!).

Out of nowhere Hussayn starts throwing out brazen, bright colors.  The contrast is jaw-dropping.

Below is my absolute favorite dress from the collection.  I'm a sucker for pink, and the silver embellishment is heart-wrenchingly gorgeous.  All I can say is I WANT.

I would even wear what the guy has on (is that allowed?).

Hussayn's collection feels thought-out and meticulously pieced-together.  Not to sound like too much of a Project Runway junkie, but I can feel like all of these outfits together are telling a story about emotion and feeling.  I love all of it.