A Gorgeous Indian Korean Wedding {Part I}

March 5, 2013 - by Preeti

What sums a wedding, tea ceremony, and reception planned in just seven weeks?

Elegant. Beautiful. Wonderful. The bride and groom did not have much free time for planning the wedding and so they enlisted the help of Working Brides Wedding Planner to pull it together.

This will be a three part series with the tea ceremony and reception coming up next!

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I chatted with Trisha Cranor, founder of Working Brides to hear her story of this fabulous wedding.

Planning a wedding in under seven weeks truly is a task, but when you have the right clients it is doable. They came in understanding that things needed to move quickly, but even more so having complete trust in me. They gave me carte blanche for the decor at the ceremony and reception and were thrilled with the result.

We went with carnations because they are colorful and happy for a wedding. The jaimalas were a rose and carnation mix and the bridal bouquet had roses. All the flower pieces were different but the usage of reds pulled them together.

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Time to grab that cup of tea!

Photographs courtesy of {Timmester Photography}

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Stay tuned for the Indian Korean Tea Ceremony!

Working Brides Wedding Planner is a member of the BF Red Book. Be sure to check them out if you are looking for a wedding planner on the east coast.

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