A Gorgeous Indian Korean Wedding - The Reception {Part III}

2013 Feb 27 - by Preeti
We are back with the last installment of an amazing Indian-Korean wedding! Be sure to check out their wedding and the Korean tea ceremony.

Continuing our chat with wedding planner Trisha Cranor of Working Brides Wedding Planner...

Because it was a late November wedding, I choose babies breathe for the reception. You might not think much of a flower that constantly plays sidekick to the rose, but babies breathe is a refreshing and sweet flower. When done right it makes for a stunningly elegant centerpiece.

The face of Eun Ju & Shawn when I brought them in to see their reception said it all!

The highlight of the evening was seeing their fathers on the dance floor. Both Dads had a ball and I could see the couples faces light up with glee! A night for family & friends to remember and cherish for a lifetime.

When the DJ, Volcanik, played Gangnam Style, the room exploded. Volcanik always has a trick up their sleeves and during Gangnam Style, they set off a confetti bomb. It was a fantastic way to end a beautiful wedding.

It was a fantastic wedding and they were a wonderful couple to work with. Wishing them the best in married life!

Thanks again to Timmester Photography for the lovely photos.

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