Alok & Venu's Indian Fairytale Wedding {San Francisco, California}

2013 Nov 12 - by Preeti
We have another gorgeous wedding from IQ Photo today. A fairytale story: a California girl meets Mumbai boy. They meet, they chat over coffee, they fall in love.

And then they put on a wedding that will sweep you off your feet. Venu and Alok got married at the scenic and hilly Silver Creek Valley Country Club. They then celebrated their reception in style and swank at the Metreon in San Francisco.

We are really excited to hear from the groom and have him share their story.

Tell us about you met!

We feel very fortunate to have met each other. Since the beginning, we have always connected well with one another. Venu was born in Palo Alto and spent her whole life in sunny California. I was born and raised in Mumbai and eventually moved to the United States to pursue further education. Somewhere along the path, I ended up in San Jose for my MBA studies, where I made some amazing friends and created a close connection with California.

Having received an incredible opportunity to work at the University of Alabama as a dental fellow, I relocated to Alabama. However, I never lost connection with my friends in California and would make trips down whenever I could.

During one such trip is when the magic happened! I was in town and made plans to hang out with a group of friends in San Francisco. As destiny would have it, one of Venu's childhood family friend was also a common friend of my friend's friend and she asked her to join her. Venu decided to go. Little did we know that this decision would be impacting our future in such an amazing way!

The group planned to meet at Starbucks and take it from there. I was already there with my friend when Venu walked in! Venu caught my eye immediately. As things settled down and the group got comfortable, Venu and I began chatting. We instantly clicked.

Since then, we kept in touch. After regular visits to California and meeting up with Venu's parents, I decided to propose to Venu. And here we are today!

What was your wedding like?

It was truly a fairy tale wedding which followed the Indian rituals, but at the same time was a perfect blend and had the essence of fun, eccentricity and class. Everything right from the color theme for the decor to the wedding outfits were designed and handpicked by Venu.

She sweated her way down to the core details in a short period of six months to ensure that everything fell in place and was the way she had always dreamt of. Another main concern for her, was finding the perfect venues for the wedding ceremony and reception.

She wanted something beautiful, but also different that she and her guest would both enjoy to the fullest. And she was able to find such locations. The wedding took place outdoors in the beautiful scenic Silver Creek Valley Country Club overlooking the San Jose Valley hills and waterfall within the golf course.

The reception took place at the type of location Venu was looking for; different, upbeat, classy and fun!

The City View in the Metreon in San Francisco encompassed an amazing patio the size of the actual hall and overlooked San Francisco skylines! Moreover, the glass windows throughout the hall enabled the guests to constantly enjoy the city view even while seated inside! With over 900 guests it was so important for us that everyone enjoyed and this venue made it happen.

The over all decor done by Prime Party Rentals and ambiance was just speculator! The three-day pre-wedding celebrations, wedding and reception, following a day after the wedding, all turned out to beautiful and memorable.

Each and every guest enjoyed the wedding and reception to the fullest; and have been constantly telling us how prefect and beautiful everything was and that they have never been to a wedding like this! Mission accomplished :)

Thanks to IQ Photo for the photos.

Congratulations Vena & Alok! Thank you sharing your beautiful wedding.

{Wedding Suppliers}

Photography: IQ PhotoStudio

Decor/Lighting/Floral: Prime Party Rentals, Hayward, CA

Makeup/hair artist for Reception: Maryium from Laenka Makeup, Fremont, CA

Makeup/hair artist for Wedding: Tamanna Roshan from Dress your Face

Photo booth: Archival Photo Booth, Foster City, CA