An Indian Korean Wedding Tea Ceremony {Part II}

2013 Mar 11 - by Preeti
We are back with fabulous three event wedding affair!

Since the bride is Korean and the groom is Indian, they wanted a way to incorporate their cultures from both families. They first had an Indian wedding with garlands, poojas, and sat pheras, along with a western reception.

Then they had a Korean wedding tea ceremony. Similar to Indian culture, the wedding tea ceremony is the marriage of two families. The ceremony allowed the bride to pay her respects to the groom's family, with whom she traditionally lived with after the wedding.

They wore ceremonial Korean wedding clothes called hanbok. While an older, traditional ceremony would involve just the groom's parents, both their parents took part in it.

There are so many lovely details to the paebaek. The table is decorated with little edibles, like nuts and dried fruits, and tea.

After each parent drinks the tea, they impart wisdom and advice for the couple's future. The couple bows deeply and kneels as a family member pours tea. Once all have had tea, they enjoy some great laughs and hugs with the unification of the two families.

With all this tea celebration, it is time to drink tea and enjoy the gorgeous photos!

Photographs courtesy of {Timmester Photography}

Stay tuned for their reception party!

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