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November 8, 2013 - by Preeti

Today we're meeting a brand new company that launched a few short months ago. In that time, they've build a following all across the US with their stunning headpieces and Arabic fusion jewelry.

And who doesn't love whimsical headpieces? These dainty pieces are offbeat and fusion, not easily found in the Indian and Arabic design communities. The three sisters, founders of Kaz Kouture, will make you squeal with delight over their collection.

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I sat down with Ayesha and had a lovely interview with her about the company and their inspiration.

Tell us about your company.

We are three sisters, Ayesha, Javeria and Sarah, that founded the company this past summer. Our last name is Kazmi, so we shortened it to Kaz. And then added Kouture, with a K, to the name.

We love being a woman run and family operated business. Every day has its excitements and challenges. It is wonderful to be able to work with my talented sisters, many times it's like a party when we are working and collaborating.

How are you inspired for your accessories and jewelry?

My sister, Javeria, and I were inspired by our trips to the Middle East and Europe. We fell in love with the colors, textures, and designs found in classical Arabic art and architecture. We wanted a unique collection of timeless pieces and so converted those memories into a chic collection.

We live in the fashion forward city of Dallas, Texas. And with a large community, we wanted to bring them modern and handmade works of art to wear.

Do you work on custom products?

We work with several different designers from all over the Middle East and with each designer we try to add a bit off our own twist to their pieces.

Jewelry for example, we’ll tell the designers what colors we want, or if we want to blend a couple of different styles together. We are been blessed with a great creative team to help us out in developing our vision into these beautiful pieces.

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What do you love about weddings?

For us, the best part of a wedding is seeing so much love in the space, from the bride and the groom to their families and their guests. But most of all when it comes to Indian weddings it’s the culture rich traditions and the outfits and who can forget the gorgeous JEWELRY!

Ever since we were young girls we were always mesmerized by the beautiful clothes and jewelry that the bride would wear, she would always look like a beautiful princess! Now as we’ve gotten older we’ve come to a better appreciation for all the clothes and jewelry involved in the wedding scene. Which is why we created the headpiece line.

Tell us about your signature line of headpieces.

The headpieces are lovely for any wedding. Whether it is for the bride, or for her to doll up her bridesmaids, or simply a fashion loving lady who wants to be the show stopper at the wedding. Not only are they headpieces elegant but they are also different from the standard “tikkas” found at Indian weddings.

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The headpieces are hand crafted and are made with copper. Each piece is plated with silver, gold, or bronze. Copper is a strong material that is malleable and can be molded to fit anybody's. The headpieces can be worn with hair down, updos, hijab, as well as worn in various orientations.

Will you be adding new products to the site?

We’re always looking to add new pieces and reinvent our already beautiful designs! We are working on a creative twist on personalized necklaces. They will be available in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Hindi, and will release shortly.

We love to ask this to all interviewees, if you were wearing jeans and black top (any type), how would accessorize it?

Honestly, most jewelry will look fabulous with jeans and a black top. My choice would be the long tassel necklace with a double hamsa. The tassel has these whimsical charms like dolphins and beads, while the hamsas are more elegant.

Or, for something more vibrant, add a dash of color to ensemble. Pair it with jewelry pieces embellished with turquoise, emerald, rubies, and other colored stones. For a winter look, throw in a cashmere scarf. You will be warm and stylish!


Thanks so much for sharing your story Ayesha. We can't wait to see your new collection.

Kaz Kouture is located in Plano, Texas and has an online boutique for domestic US shopping and international shopping.

Visit them online: www.kazkouture.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/KAZ-KOUTURE/178137682348774

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/kazkouture/

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