Kiran & Vapinders Pre-Wedding Shoot in Birmingham, UK

2013 Jan 4 - by Preeti
We received this gorgeous and striking pre-wedding shoot from photographer Gobinder Jhitta. Pre-wedding shoots are increasingly popular with couples as they give a 'breather' time to be with the photographer and take photos under a less stressed condition.

Gobinder has a special affinity to this wedding. Here's his story:

The shoot was in Birmingham at The Custard Factory. It is an awesome space in Birmingham, UK that houses a lot of creative spaces. It looks great and is very unique and Kiran & Vap really took to it. They're such a great couple and their energy together is something really special, they never stop smiling (which is great!).

The wedding was booked by Vaps brother-in-law, so I hadn't met the couple prior to the shoot. When they arrived, they got out the car and I noticed that the bride looked familiar for some reason. The closer she got, I realised it was in fact my cousin, who I hadn't seen for years.

Also, it was her wedding and I told the family I would have to miss it due to another wedding booking. But I didn't miss it, I was the photographer!

Isn't that amazing? We love the bold and striking lines and modern feel to this shoot. It will be very exciting to see the wedding, coming up soon!


And a sneak peek to their wedding!

Photographs courtesy of Gobinder Jhitta and on Facebook.