Lindsey & Arpan's Sweet Indian Fusion Wedding {Clearwater, Florida}

2013 Jun 28 - by Preeti
We have a super sweet fusion wedding with Lindsey and Arpan. They got married in Clearwater, Florida.

Lindsey is your quintessential princess with rolls of golden curls and a lovely smile. Arpan is your quintessential prince, stately and handsome.

Put these two together and you're left with an explosion of love!

We just had to talk to Lindsey to hear her story about the wedding.

Tell us about the wedding!

The wedding was held at the Kapok Tree in Clearwater Fl in April 2013. The ceremony was Hindu followed by an American reception to combine both cultures.

Were there any special customs in your wedding?

No two Hindu weddings are alike! We were guided through all the steps by the priest’s wife through out the ceremony and basically just went with the flow. Neither of us knew what we were doing! The Hindu Ceremony is a little under two hours long so there was no rehearsal, just a quick run down with the priest and his wife a week before the wedding.

We started the ceremony with garland exchange followed by my mother circling a plate around my husband's head welcoming him into the family. My husband and I then followed the 7 steps repeating the priest said in Sanskrit. At the end, we exchanged rings and faced all of our guests. We walked down the aisle together while out guests tossed roses at us!

Did you have a vision/theme for the wedding?

The only vision I had was my center pieces and my cake. I just went with the flow with the rest, and kept adding things on as I went.

What was the hardest about planning the wedding?

Finding the time. When planning a wedding the little details always seem to slip your mind. The Friday Night before the wedding, my bridesmaids and I stayed at a hotel close to the venue. Around 9pm, my bridesmaids asked, how we were getting to the Venue. Needless to say, I forgot to arrange a driver to pick us up!! Luckily, the hotel had connections with a limo service that helped us out last minute.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Putting on the beautiful red sari! I felt amazing in it!

What one piece of advice would you give future brides-to-be?

Hire a wedding planner. Well worth the money. You’ll have enough stress the day of the wedding with out having to worry about everything else!

Thank you to Ashfall Mixed Media for the photos.

{Wedding Suppliers}

{Photographer} Ashfall Mixed Media

Caterer: Chives Catering

Event Planner: Special Moments

Floral Designer: Flowers by Jenny

Musicians: Taylor Mills Krebs - Harpist

Reception Venue: Kapok Special Events


Cake Designer: A Piece of Cake Tampa

DJ: Tip Fit

Linens and Coverings: Connie Duglin Linens

Equipment Rentals: Signature Event Rentals

Makeup Artist: Michelle Renee Group