Mittal Wedding Part Deux - Really, The Most Expensive Wedding *Ever*

2013 Dec 16 - by Preeti
When we first saw Lakshmi Mittal's daughter's wedding a few years ago, we really couldn't imagine a more expensive wedding, except for some of the Saudi prince ones.

How wrong we were! We forgot that Lakshmi has a little brother, Pramod, that well doesn't want to be left out of the spotlight either. And when his little girl, Shristi, was going to get married, he couldn't let older bro have the biggest, fattest, Indian wedding.

So Pramod Mittal spent 50 million € (around $82 million USD) on his beloved daughter's wedding. For those of you trying to convert that to rupees, that's Rs 500 crore.

For real.

The wedding took place in Barcelona, Spain and even closed the The National Museum of Catalan Art for their 500 guests. It's like making a sandwich out of diamond butter and platinum, this wedding saw no end to opulence and over-wealth.

Here's what 50 million euros gets you:

  • 2 star Michelin chef Sergi Arola created the food. And since his own restaurant is in financial dire straits (he failed to pay taxes), he could use some Mittal money!
  • 60 kilogram, 132 pound, wedding cake that is six tiers tall. Christian Escribá created this masterpiece in Anglo-Saxon style with 200 sugar flowers. Some newspapers reported it as "six stories" but that defies gravity. Too bad there are no photos!
  • A helicopter to take photos and videos for your wedding.
  • Closing a national art museum for the festivities.
  • Confidentiality agreements for all the guests - hence, no photos. Boo!
  • 200 butlers and secretaries, many were flown in from India.
  • Butt loads of fireworks with music from Chariots of Fire.
  • A rather sad looking baraat horse - honestly, hopes he just looks sad and isn't treated poorly.
  • Having the title of the one of the most expensive, opulent, and quite possibly ridiculous wedding in history.

We're not quite sure who designed her bridal lengha, but we can't say we love it. It's alright, but appears that too many aunties and mothers got their two cents in to influence this poor girl's wedding outfit and turn it into a Christmas poinsettia silver tinsel ornament.

PS - And couldn't the Mittal PR machine send the press some pretty photos of the bride and groom and the venue and cake, instead of bunch of silly, blurry photos?