Nomi Ansari's Rang Barsay Collection {L’Oreal Pakistan Bridal Fashion Week 2013}

2013 Nov 12 - by Nadya
Pakistan's 'King of Color' Nomi Ansari has dished out a new serving of kaleidoscope textiles.  In his latest line, Rang Barsay, which walked Pakistan's L'Oreal Bridal Week just last week, Ansari creates a careful mashup of bright, almost garish hues and meticulous hand-stitched bling.


In one word, Ansari is unafraid.  He combines dissonant prints, throws in some zari work, and sets it all off with show-stealing jewelry and somehow it all looks perfect and like it was done on purpose.  Either he's a genius or he never really grew out of his finger-painting stage of experimentation.  Either way, I want every outfit in this collection.

No style was left unturned in this show.  Ansari delved into lehngas and kurtas alike and each outfit was delivered with the same amount of glitz, glamor, and came together like a psychedelic light-show.

While the main show was in the vast array of Lucknow lehngas, anarkalis, and Hyrdabadi peshwas, the brightly-colored dhotis, with their playful accessories and gorgeous color and pattern combinations, made sure no guy felt like just arm-candy.  Everyone at an Ansari fashion show is a showstopper in their own right.

Also, check out that mustache and perfectly arranged curl.  I think we've figured out what an Indian hipster looks like.

And of course, no Desi fashion show would be complete without a celebrity cameo.  The all-singing, all-dancing Salman Khan (impersonator) made an appearance in the middle of the show and had the crowd cheering along with him.

Whether it be in his offbeat accessories or experimentally perfect color combinations or even in his inclusion of a Bollywood superstar lookalike, Nomi Ansari keeps the fun in fashion.  Altogether, Rang Barsay brought the house down at the L'Oreal Bridal Week.