Sana Safinaz's Wedding Collection {L'Oreal Pakistan Bridal Fashion Week 2013}

2013 Nov 10 - by dulhan
Continuing on with our L'Oreal Pakistan Bridal Week 2013, we have one of the biggest names in the bridal couture industry.

Sana Safinaz, based in Islamabad, Pakistan, is a luxury name in Pakistani bridal wear. Her approach to traditional bridal attire with modern embellishments and designs keeps her looks modest and bold at the same time. The Sana Safinaz bridal collection featured lots of dark colors - primarily blacks - with gold jewelry for a truly regal look.

The gold-on-black look works exceptionally well on Sana Safinaz's designs because it truly is timeless. The gold embellishments on saree pallus and on the borders of the anarkalis and salwars keep the black from being too overwhelming. The mix of black and gold and red is downright gorgeous - it creates a deep, Romantic look that would suit a mysterious or sultry bride.

The outfits are mainly anarkalis, cholis, and lehengas, but a few feature pieces involve pantsuits. I like the modernity of the trend - the dark colors keep the outfit serious and slimming, while the tight-fitting pants make the whole look sleek and new-age.


However, I don't find the pantsuit appeal to be appropriate for bridal wear - if only because it cuts back on the elegance. Pakistani dresses are unique in their long, flowing skirts and sleeves. While the pantsuit look is brave, it's not worth trading in the beautiful drapes of a traditional Pakistani outfit.

My favorite outfit has to be this long, gold, black and silver anarkali modeled towards the beginning of the L'Oreal fashion show. It's difficult to blend gold and silver together seamlessly and without looking like a disco ball gone wrong - but Sana Safinaz does it with true class.

The black serves as a border and highlight in this outfit, as opposed to the feature color in the rest of the collection - but the three tones complement each other well.

I also love the low-scooped neck, cut-out back, and heavy embroidery. It is fun how the gold and silver beading intertwine to create that majestic shine! Plus, the gold-triangle borders are absolutely stunning. As if a bride wasn't bound to be a showstopper anyways, this outfit would definitely do the trick!

Sana Safinaz's collection is an experiment in dark, gloomy colors - but a successful one! She turns the vampiric red and black combination from Gothic to gorgeous.

The use of metallic beading and intricate designs makes the outfits flashy and fabulous - and they brighten the otherwise dark look. The traditional cuts and styles, paired with elegant black and gold features, keep the collection relatable yet modern.