The Dudeoir - The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

2013 Sep 24 - by Preeti
The dudeoir has been recently making the rounds on the internet as the next fad in photography. I don't believe that, it's the best thing to EVER happen to photography (besides the whole going digital thing).

To back up a bit, if you don't know what the dudeoir is, here is a simple breakdown:

Dude + boudoir (those sexy photos women are usually in) = dudeoir

Sexy photos of dudes; mind-blowing, eh?! I mean, we women are always objectified in boudoir photos for primarily the man in our life, and secondly for our own confidence. (If you're doing a bridal boudoir, make sure it is about YOU and him, not just him)

But what if we had men in pretty photos of themselves? I'm not talking about the Calvin Klein stock photo of the man wearing his undies and holding them with his thumbs because otherwise they elastic will fall down.

Okay, well, that is sexy too, but not quite what I mean.

I';m talking about your everyday dude, tall, skinny, tubby, beardy, hairy, baldie, muscly, sticky, taking photos.

Because men are just as vain and shallow as women.

Yea, you read that correctly. Men fuss over their looks just as much as women, but society doesn't believe it's "manly" to care about their looks. Society disregards their feelings and insecurities about their bodies and wants it tucked away nicely in the corner of the closet between terrible Crocs and 70s skin tight jeans.

But men should be allowed to look beautiful too. For themselves. And, for their partner.

Take a look at this photo by Mariah Carle Photography. Kiran, the dude (he is not a model), is just a chilled out Sikh man, chilling with his inflatable dolphin and a turban. And nothing else.

How awesome is that? Wouldn't it be awesome to get a collection of these photos from your fiance for your wedding night? Sure, the photos of Kiran are *not* wedding boudoir (his was done for fun - high five!), but they are the perfect example of what could be when we allow men to comfortably express themselves.

Indian men, white men, African men, Arab men, you all have the ability to look great. Just have the confidence in the photos.

If you're feeling too shy, then you can also opt for a couples boudoir. Either way, this is all about feeling wonderful, looking great, and having a blast.

To learn more dudeoirs, check out our six tips (coming tomorrow!) on having a great dudeoir, as well as what it takes for a successful boudoir.