The Essential Guide to Mughal Weddings: Groom's Attire

2013 Oct 28 - by dulhan
Mughal men were just as well dressed as the women - if not more so! Mughal emperors such as Akbar were known to be quite picky about their silk and designs - Akbar himself loved a long tunic. Turban-tying styles, scarves, and overcoats were all a carefully decided part of Mughal groom attire.

Welcome to Part VI of the Mughal Wedding Series! Here's a key to the whole guide:

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Mughal grooms often wore royally-embellished sherwanis, jeweled jhutis, and turbans on their wedding day. A sherwani is a long kurta for men - usually it is made out of silk or other shiny fabric, since it is the main feature of the groom's outfit.

It is paired with pants made of a light fabric, similar to kameez for women's kurtas. These pants tend not to be as embellished since the sherwani is already heavily decorated.

Colors and Embellishments

Colors such as red and gold were popular - Mughal weddings were all about showing off wealth, after all!

Pearls and glass jewels were commonly woven onto the outfits - much like in women's Mughal wedding attire.

Since Emperor Akbar's rule, angrakha style sherwanis have also become popular. These are longer in length and have a more fitted top than the average sherwani. Panache India has some great Mughal-inspired sherwanis in their collection.


Boxer Amir Khan's Mughal wedding costume has all the glitz of the era - from bold reds and golds to a dashing turban!

Ceremonial Items and Jewelry

Mughal warriors and emperors used to carry swords as a ceremonial item - but were well-trained in their usage too! Contemporary Mughal grooms like Amir Khan may consider keeping a (fake) sword on their hip as a prop, to stand tribute to the brave kings and rulers of the Persian Empire.

Men also had the luxury of being draped in expensive gold and jewels. From neckwear to brooches, the groom's jewelry selection isn't as limited as you might think.


Turbans were very special to Mughal grooms - it was tradition to tie them by hand, although many grooms would be taught how to do so by older relatives. Turbans signified everything regal and religious in the Mughal culture, and it was customary for all men to wear them at major ceremonies.

Mughal-Inspiration Modern Designs

Modern twists on Mughal designs keep them just as classy and elegant as ever - ensuring that the custom of a Mughal groom nearly out-dressing his bride is well in place! Designers such as Deepak Parwani have bold and beautiful collections that maintain the timeless "Mughal-chic" look.

After the bride and groom are both suitably dressed for their big days, the focus of the Mughal wedding can move on to other important issues - such as Food and Desserts.

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