Quick Tips on Men's Fashion at an Indian Wedding

2013 Jun 26 - by Preeti
We're excited to have our BF Red Book Member, Borrow it Bindaas, share their tips on wedding guest wear. After all, men deserve to look stylish too!

Invited to an Indian wedding and not sure what to wear? Borrow It Bindaas will help guide you through some quick tips on what a man should really wear to an Indian wedding. Indian weddings usually consist of several events: mehendi night, garba/sangeet night, wedding, and reception. Here are our tips on what to wear to each event.

Mehendi Night

Indian attire isn’t really required for this event, but you can wear a kurta with pajama pants or just regular straight leg pants. Kurtas are stylish and fairly loose fitting tops. You could also dress in a nice pair of pants and a button up. Skip white and pastel clothing for this event because you don’t want someone to accidentally get mehendi stains on you.

Garba/Sangeet Night

A simple kurta-pajama with a duppata is the best choice. Try to get it in cotton or linen because a sangeet is all about dancing and you want to move around freely without becoming hot. If you don’t have Indian clothes then go for a khaki or linen suit.

Wedding Ceremony

A traditional kurta pajama is expected to be worn at the wedding. If you’ll be part of the baraat (the dancing procession of the groom) we recommended wearing something light and easy. Nothing too heavy because there will again, be lots of dancing.

For a summer wedding, you want to opt for a light kurta pajama and not heavy fabrics, stones, or embroidery work, as you want the focus on the groom. If you plan on wearing a western suit, pick something more colorful than white to be in tune with the wedding.



Yes, we went there.

Wear your best shirt with your suit here. Try a slim tie, tiepin, unique print, bowtie or something to make your outfit a little more exciting and stylish than the traditional black suit, white shirt combination.

Quick Tips

In terms of shoes, definitely do NOT wear flip-flops! Wear dress shoes, nice sandals, or the traditional jutees that go with your kurta pajama.

Keep in mind it is not appropriate to wear black to any occasion besides the reception. By wearing bright and bold colors, you will fit right into the crowd at an Indian wedding!

Photo Courtesy: IndiaToday, KoiMoi, BollyCurry, GQ India