10 Lovely Desi LGBT Weddings in Honor of {National Pride Month}

June 13, 2014 - by Nadya

We here at The Big Fat Indian Wedding love weddings.  We love love love them! So imagine how excited we got when President Obama declared June National LGBT Pride Month.  Here's a hint: very very excited.  For us, love comes in so many forms and the only thing we want to do is celebrate it.

So, in honor of National Pride Month, let us show you our favorite Desi queer weddings of the past few years.

Shannon & Seema

Lesbian Hindu Wedding | Steph Grant Photography width=Lesbian Hindu Wedding | Steph Grant Photography width=

Shannon and Seema's gorgeous fusion wedding went viral a few months ago with a special feature in the Huffington Post. And I can still see why it got to be so popular so quickly - the love is just beaming out of these photographs and the ceremony was so elegant.  My favorite part of a Desi wedding is the mehndi - so here you go, double the mehndi, double the beauty.

Photos by Steph Grant Photography

The Unnamed Grammys Couple

Gay Indian Wedding| The Grammys width=

This lovely unnamed gay couple were one of the 33 LGBT marriages that occurred during the Grammys earlier this year to the sound of Macklemore's 'Same Love.'  They look so handsome and happy, it's hard not to tear up with them.

Nidhi & Julie

Lesbian Indian Wedding | Steph Stevens Photography width=

This gorgeous fusion wedding among the fall foliage of New England was so perfectly color-coordinated with its pretty gold, white, and red palette.  They look so lovely and gentle together.  Nidhi and Julie's wedding was so full of family and fun - they even had a single tree they were dancing around! Vah, kya filmy.  And again, double mehndi!

Photos by Steph Stevens Photo

Adi & Michael

Gay Indian Wedding | Dawn E. Roscoe Photography width=

Gosh, these two are so adorable.  Their Zoroastrian Christian fusion gay wedding was completely gorgeous.  The ceremony took place in a church while light shown in through the stained glass, throwing color all around them.  There is nothing more befitting of National Pride Month than getting married inside a rainbow.

Photos by Dawn E. Roscoe Photography

Jenni & Karen

Lesbian Holi Engagement Shoot | Laurie Rhodes width=Lesbian Indian Wedding | Stu Bayer width=

Along with their adorable son and puppy, Jenni and Karen played with color and made sure to get properly mussed up for their engagement photos, and I think they turned out so lovely.  Their civil ceremony glowed as Jenni wore a gold sari and Karen walked down the aisle in a gold pinup-styled dress.  They both look so happy and their family is so beautiful.

Engagement photos by Laurie Rhodes

Civil service photos by Stu Bayer

Sean & Jono

Gay Indian Wedding | Mandev Sidhu Photography width=

These two arrived at their wedding in style with two Baraats dancing in from opposite sides of the street!  The only way to go from there is up and Sean and Jono kept the party going with their elegant wedding ceremony and righteous reception which featured dancing, drag queens, and lots of gazing deeply into each others' eyes.

Photos by Mandev Sidhu

Divya & Manju

Lesbian Hindu Wedding | C. Wagner Photography width=

You know how I said I loved that the brides came in double at lesbian weddings? Imagine my excitement over this gorgeous interfaith couple, Divya and Manju!  With their gorgeous white and gold matching saris, these two were glowing.  I highly recommend clicking through for the pictures of when they first see each other at the end of the aisle.  So much happiness in one day.

Photos by C. Wagner Photography

Dale & Viraj

Gay Indian Wedding | Julius and James width=

Fusion weddings take a special skill to pull off - fairly representing both cultures in a respectful way can be difficult, but Dale and Viraj did it with style.  Their chic ceremony paid respect to both Viraj's Indian heritage and Dale's Mennonite background.  Altogether it was a classy affair with a delicious color palette and lots of dancing.

Photos by Julius and James

Kristin & Ilina

Lesbian Indian Wedding | JAGstudios width=

This gorgeous couple met in the Tufts labs and had a fusion wedding complete with bubbles and mehndi.  They opted for a civil ceremony officiated by family and featuring Indian elements.  Very understated but nonetheless cozy and lovely.

Photos by JAGstudios

Arshad & Abbott

Gay Bangladeshi Wedding | Karen Pike Photography width=

Jumping for joy, Arshad and Abbott had a gorgeous civil ceremony wedding filled with love and acceptance as Arshad's father finally gave his blessing to the newly married couple, 12 years after Arshad came out to his family.  If you weren't at least tearing up by now, this story must have unleashed the floodgates.

Photos by Karen Pike Photography

Love is love is love.  BFIW loves love, in all its forms.

Join us in celebrating the rest of National Pride Month we roll out more features about the global Desi LGBT community in the following weeks.

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