16 Undeniable Things to Expect at a Muslim Wedding

2014 Dec 23 - by Naureen
Congratulations or “mabrook” as some Muslims might say! You have been invited to your first ever Islamic wedding. But, what exactly does that entail? Well, we can’t make assumptions for all Muslim weddings, but we have compiled a list of 16 things you might expect at a typical (south Asian) Muslim wedding.

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We hope you have a slew of outfits ready, because these festivities (like most of the South Asian variety) can span an entire week!

Dholki (Pre-marriage festivities aka dance parties)

1. Female only dance-a-thons to celebrate the upcoming nuptials for the bride-to-be!


Get ready to party all night long. When you’re too tired, feel free to stuff mithais (indian sweets) into the bride’s face. It’s highly encouraged.

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The Nikkah Ceremony

2. Girls (don’t) chase boys (don’t) chase girls.



The Nikkah is the simplest and often shortest marriage ceremony you’ll ever attend. The bride and groom gather with family and friends in gender segregated rooms, usually within a Mosque.

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3. There are almost always AV/Microphone issues during the pre-exchanging of vows.


Just accept it and the awful static sound you’re about to hear. We warned you.

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4. Meher debates.


Brides are gifted a lump sum of money from their respective grooms. The actual amount is often debated and can be a source of awkward back and forth between parental units.

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5. Post-marriage PDA (not encouraged).


Muslim nikkahs don’t involve a kiss post I do’s. There are usually awkward side hugs and the like in couple photos following the vows.

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After-Parties aka Reception(s)

6. The “no boxed gifts” rule for wedding gifts.


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7. Aunties scoping out potential matches for all the single ladies and gents.


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8. A never-ending number of speeches prior to dinner.



It’s torture- we know. But, the food is worth the wait!

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9. An all-you-can-meat buffet featuring lamb biryani, chicken biryani, tandoori chicken, goat curry, and so much more.


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10. The selfie crew of young teenage Mipsterz (“Muslim hipsters.”)


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11. Aunties: the ones that judge you if you're wearing scandalous clothing and the ones that shower you with blessings when they hear you're pregnant.



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12. A sweet tooth’s jannah in the form of mountains of mithai (Indian sweets).


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13. Battle wounds: the aftermath of stealing the groom’s shoes in exchange for money.


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14. The videographer who keeps zooming in on you eating. It’s on purpose- he’s hungry too.


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15. When it’s time for the bride and groom to leave and everyone starts bawling.


*The bride is only headed to her honeymoon suite, but her dramatic exit is too much for some to handle.

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16. The actual majestic departure aka rukhsati of the bride and groom. You know “babul ki duayen leti ja” is playing in the background.


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Did I miss any? Sound off below with details of your Muslim wedding adventures!