28 Blue & Green Pakistani Wedding Outfits {Irfan Ahson Photography}

2014 Sep 25 - by Preeti
We are back with one of the most talented photographers, Mr. Irfan Ahson! Not only is he one of the finest wedding photographers in Pakistan, he is also one of the nicest people I have met.

After emailing him last year on Facebook (have to admit, I was scared!), he's allowed us to share his bridal photos with you all. It's a difficult life spending hours and hours on Facebook downloading photos and sorting them by color. hehe!

Today we are looking at Pakistani wedding shararas in shades of blues and greens. I love these shades because they are unusual wedding colors but still timeless for a bride.

If you missed the earlier parts of the series, we covered collections on red bridal outfits, pink bridal outfits, white cream wedding shararas, and Pakistani bridal jewelry.

Thank you to Irfan bhai for these amazing wedding photos!

Lovelies, you are going to need a whole pot of chai and a box of tissues to keep you from drooling.

{Emerald ombre greens}

{Mint Green - Pastel Green Wedding Shararas}

{Color Block Green & Red}

{Color Block: Green & White}

{Color Block: Dark Green & Blue}

{Pewter Green}

{Royal Blue Wedding Outfits}

{Blue & Periwinkle Wedding Sharara}

{Color Block: Blue, Red, & Black Sharara}

{Color Block: Blue, Lavender, & Purple Sharara}

{Pewter Blue}

{Color Block - Blue & White Outfits}

We don't know the designers for all these outfits. Most are from Sana Safinez, Allechant, and Umad Sayeed. If you have to know, feel free to comment below!

For more information and booking, check out Irfan bhai's Facebook page, his website. You can reach him by email at kairosphoto@live.com or by phone, 0323 4795100 (fyi, this is a Pakistan number).

The Pakistani wedding series by Irfan Ahson: Red bridal outfits, pink bridal outfits, white cream wedding shararas, Pakistani colorful outfits, and Pakistani bridal jewelry.