21 Wedding Hijab Looks

2014 Oct 28 - by dulhan
Today we honor the beauty of modesty through 21 different hijabi brides. The hijab, a type of veil for Muslim women, is a visible symbol of spiritual aspiration that has adapted in modern times with unique styles. Muslims brides can express themselves on their special day through different hijab drapings and adornments. The understated elegance of these hijabi brides proves that you don't need to bare everything to be beautiful, subhan Allah.

We've compiled a list of 21 hijab styles for you to get inspired! Prepare to swoon.

1. The Headpiece Hijab, from Maha Designs via PASS

This stunning hijabi is most likely wearing a volumizing scrunchie in the back to attain a hijab with height. She has draped the hijab in multiple folds in front to create a cascading effect. The hijab itself frames her face beautifully and is topped off with a gorgeous gold and emerald headpiece, strewn across the fold on her forehead, and tucked into the sides of her hijab.

2. The Accented Underscarf, from Asma & Mohammad's Stunning Fusion Wedding

A heavily embroidered dupatta, contrast underscarf, and host of gold jewelry make this bride shine on her big day. We love the accents of the gold maang tikka, jhoomar, and necklace. They truly make this hijabi bride look absolutely regal, masha Allah. Her dupatta is pinned in the back and loosely above her shoulder in front to showcase the lovely zariwork. The contrast of the bright, solid underscarf with the heavily embroidered dupatta is the perfect duo for this hijab style.

3. Tulles and Jewels, from Sarah & Safraz One Year Anniversary Wedding via Engaging Images

This bride chose a simple, white hijab that is lined with a silver, jeweled headband. The hijab is topped with a one tier, tulle veil that is draped behind her. This hijabi look is one of an understated elegance. The hijab frames the bride's face beautifully and is only accented by the single silver headband across her forehead.

4. The Bit of Bling, via noorphotography

This beautiful, crystal-patterned, navy blue hijab is accented with just the perfect touch of bling: a silver headchain. The heaadchain adds sparkle and sophistication to this elegant, draped hijab look. Traditional brides can achieve a similar look with a gold headchain and red headscarf.

5. The Rose Hijab, via noorphotography

This bride is perfection personified with her cream draped, inner satin hijab and turquoise, outer net dupatta. The combination and draping reminds us of an intricate rose with folds of petals. The contrast of the two layers works beautifully to complement her already gorgeous outfit.

6. The High-top Hijab, via noorphotography

Go high or go home! This bride takes volume to another level with a high-top styled hijab. Her dupatta is strewn across and pinned along her sides to showcase the intricate work of her outfit. As Coco Chanel aptly puts it, "keep your heels, head and standards high." This look certainly abides by that rule!

7. Wedding Bells, via This Modern Love Photography

OH.MY.MAANG TIKKA. That gold mang tikka tucked ever so carefully within this bride's hijab is exquisite. We love how the pearl beads mirror those of the zari balls lining her dupatta. The tiny gold orbs remind us of wedding bells ringing in delight! This dupatta's beautiful borders and zari ball accents make this a unique hijab style for hijabistas everywhere.

8. Layered Hijab, via noorphotography

The bold, light gold borders frame this hijab style so beautifully, masha Allah. The doubling of the dupatta creates a unique double layer that combats sheerness and looks absolutely stunning. Try layering your bridal dupatta for double the fun!

9. Fitted Hijab, via noorphotography

Hijabi brides who want to showcase their earrings can adopt this fitted hijab look. This beautiful bride wears her hijab in a triangular formation with the peak accented with a hidden maang tikka. The hijab itself is fitted around the sides of the bride's head and pinned in the back to allow her necklace and outfit to be visible.

10. Sheer Sophistication, via noorphotography

The extended, chiffon veil of this bride is utter perfection! Hidden gems lie beneath this veil, quite literally. Her maang tikka, jhoomar, and nose ring are all visible accents in this hijab look. The red veil is certainly a fashionable twist on the western take of white wedding dress attire.

11. All Tucked In, via noorphotography

Sometimes beauty lies in simplicity. This understated, but elegant green hijab works magic with the bright multi-colored kameez the bride is wearing. It adds an air of sophistication and grace that could not be achieved with a gaudy or heavily-embroidered hijab. We suggest brides to don a simple, light work hijab for brighter, heavier outfits. The hijab frames the bride's face perfectly and really hones in on her stunning smile.

12. Border Me Beautiful, via noorphotography

A heavily-bordered white hijab adds to the bridal glow of this blushing bride. The scalloped border of the hijab is fitted in a triangular formation that allows visibility of her maang tikka, earrings, and necklace. We love the contrast of the pastel border with the cream outfit. Borders are great means to control the weight and placement of dupatta style hijabs for brides.

13. Veiled En Voluminous, via noorphotography

We are in love with this messy, voluminous hijab style! The ruffled layers of the purple hijab add a different dimension to this look. We love the hint of silver work in the hijab that is accentuated by the silver maang tikka and earrings. This a great option for brides looking for a modern hijab look.

14. The Dupatta Train, via noorphotography

This bride is an absolute vision in white, subhan Allah. Her hijab style is a combination of other looks we've gathered, as she dons a headchain, inner white draped hijab, and gold-trimmed, free-flowing dupatta on her big day. The juxtaposition of the draping, headchain, and double layer of the hijab and chiffon dupatta all blend seamlessly in an effortless style. Her beauty has the groom smiling cheek to cheek in the background, masha Allah!

15. Matchy Matchy, via noorphotography

Brides whose dupattas are too sheer may opt to wear inner hijabs that match their wedding dresses. For her wedding, this bride opts for a hijab that is made of the material and color of her outfit. Her outfit's original net dupatta is placed atop and pinned to this red hijab to set it in place. The combination of the solid scarf and net dupatta works wonderfully for brides who want maximum coverage and style.

17. Let It Reign, via Amrufm on Flickr

Who says you can't be a princess on your special day? Look and feel royal in a tiara! Tiaras are a unique twist on the jewels typically found adorning hijabs, but they accent hijabs beautifully. A silver or gold tiara atop a solid color hijab is princess perfection. The crown will also set the tone for the royal treatment you deserve on your special day.

18. Turban Style, via My Lovely Wedding Blog

Can words even describe this level of elegance and sophistication? The lace, tulle, and pearl all marry together in this classic look that we love. A white underscarf is worn underneath a lace-trimmed, tulle fabric in a turban style hijab. The bride's hijab complements her lace and pearl-accented wedding dress perfectly. We love the chicness and simplicity offered by the turban style hijab. It's a timeless look for any hijabista!

19. Urban Flare, via noorphotography

Are you looking for a modern twist? This hijabi is super stylish with her double-chained tikka and purple, frayed hijab. She blends the modern with the traditional seamlessly with this style, as the antique gold headpiece is fitted perfectly within the folds of her hijab. The contrast of the jewelry with the frayed tassels that come in at a diagonal add an almost rocker chic vibe that we absolutely love.

20. All About That Swag, via noorphotography

This Muslimah appears to be wearing a maxi hijab that she has draped in multiple folds that cascade down her neck and across her chest. While she opts this look for casual wear, a multi-layered maxi scarf would be the perfect accent to any intricate wedding event outfit. A metallic gold or silver hijab that can mirror the folds in this look will add a different depth to an otherwise traditional dress.

21. Artistic Asymmetry, via noorphotography

This lovely hijabi is as sweet as a peach with her asymmetrical, hijab style. The hijab is draped with layers around her neck and the excess fabric is swayed to one side. While this hijabi dons the style for a more casual look, a bride can easily adopt this style for her big day. An asymmetrical hijab with draping and the partition of work or a border on the side would be a beautiful, modern take to a wedding day outfit.

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Special thanks to noorphotography for the lovely photos, masha Allah! To see more of her work, follow her on instagram @thenoorphotography.