A Rose By Any Other Name: 10 Pink and Red Accessories for Valentines Day

2014 Feb 11 - by Shriya
Whether you're getting ready for a date with that special someone or just planning a lovely evening for yourself/some friends, Valentines Day is a great reason to go all out with the reds and the pinks!

Red is a bold, daring color that exhibits energy and demands attention. Pink is subtle, fun, and cheery and you can choose from a sweet pastel or a bright magenta, depending on your mood.

Here are some perfect pink/red accessories to help you celebrate Valentines Day:

1. Nordstrom Cashmere Wrap in Pink Peony by Nordstrom ($148)

I love the light pink color and the airy design - it'll go great with a light-colored dress or blouse for a casual work-to-dinner look, or it can pop some color into a darker outfit. And it's cashmere, so it's bound to be soft and comfy!

2. Steve Madden Chain Link Infinity Scarf by Nordstrom ($19.20)

This design is fiery and fabulous - it'll add a fun flair to your Valentines outfit! I would pair it with a dark brown or black top for a soulful look.

3. Cole Haan Vintage Skinny Belt by Bloomingdales ($34.56)

Paired over a black dress or high-waisted skirt, this wine-colored belt will add some red to your outfit for a subtle and simple Valentines' tribute. Skinny belts are amazing accessories for accentuating your figure - wear them right at your waist curve for a slimmer, curvier look.

4. Salvatore Ferragamo Miss Vara Patent Belt by Bloomingdales ($390)

The "Morning Rose" pink, the slim design, the adorable gold-buckled bow - all of these are enough reason to subtly drop hints to your Valentine that you'd love this belt for your collection! It's definitely a "splurge" item - but totally worth it for long-term wear.

5. St. Erasmus Bejewelled Drop Earrings by Anthropologie ($111)

These drop earrings are gorgeous, shiny, and rosy - everything that encompasses Valentines Day! Wear them with a brown or gold toned outfit to match the royal look, or wear your hair up to draw the attention to these beauties.

6. St. Erasmus Daisy Chain Necklace by Anthropologie ($275)

I love the bold look of the thick golden chains contrasting with the pink jewelled flowers! This chunky necklace will add a little Valentines spirit to any neckline. Plus, the gold detail on the flower petals is simply stunning!

7. Steve Madden Red Bladee Pumps by Steve Madden ($149.95)

If you don't own a pair of sexy, red pumps - now is a good time to start! These leather pumps are daring, yet classy, and they will go great with anything from a date night outfit to a dinner party with friends. Red and black are a smoking hot combination.

8. TOMS Pink Moroccan Cutout Ballet Flats by TOMS Shoes ($114)

Maybe heels aren't your thing and you'd rather glam up your feet with some cute flats - that's perfectly fine! Check out these adorable pink cutout flats by TOMS. They're comfy, sleek, and flowery pink enough for Valentines Day!

9. Tough Love Mini Satchel in Pink by Betsey Johnson ($69.98)

This purse is versatile and classy - the gold chains give it a formal look, while the pink bow shows off your girly, flirty side as well. Wear it with a cute dress and heels for a dinner-date outfit, or rock it with some jeans for an accented casual look.

10. Imperial Rose Cluster Necklace by Betsey Johnson ($68)

A rose is ultimately the best encapsulation of Valentines Day, so how about a cluster of pink crystal-encrusted roses for a statement necklace? I love the ombre detail on the sides, and of course, the chunky rose centerpiece! This necklace will truly embellish any outfit for Valentines Day!

What are your favorite pink or red accessories for Valentines Day?